jaysays.com – Let Freedom Ring (or I the Homosexual)

jaysays.com – Let Freedom Ring (or I the Homosexual)

November 6, 2008 Commentary Thought of the Gay 3
Jay - Let Freedom Ring

Jay - Let Freedom Ring

I woke up the morning of November 5th, 2008 feeling like I was part of the world again and went to bed feeling defeated and empty.  That morning, I felt like an American and I was ready to take on the responsibility that comes with such an elusive title.  But I was shown again that in spite of what we learn, we are not born American but must be accepted as Americans.

What did I learn?  To be an American means you are a part of a group of people who think they are better than you when they are not.  To be an American means to claim your belief in Jesus even if you don’t.  To be an American one must fit the mold and wear the flag on their lapel and stand up against the immoral and stand up for the moral.  To be an American, one must forget the brothers and sisters that stood next to you when you were not an American.

California’s Proposition 8 passed.  Gay marriage is now constitutionally banned in the only state where there was hope that Gay marriage would be recognized with no residency requirement.

For me, I blame my faithful imaginary friend, Jesus and I blame a community who has often had backs turned to them, and now turns its back on others.

69% to 31%.  That’s the statistic of Black voters.  69% of them voted in favor of Proposition 8. My sorrow runs deep.  Those minorities I’ve stood up for and stood up with now stand against me.

In Texas, before and again shortly after the dragging death of James Byrd, we marched.  I, hand and hand with others, drudged through the cold wet streets of Austin and we said, “NO MORE!”  We demanded hate crimes legislation.  We the homosexual stood next to you as members of the United States of America.  We shouted for you and we chanted for you and we chanted for ourselves and you chanted for us and we were one people – all 500 of us that were willing to fight the cold rain so that we could say to the State of Texas – “NO MORE!” and together we forced the James Byrd Hate Crimes Act into law in Texas.

Now, those brothers that stood with me stand against me.  Those that called out for my help now ignore my pleas.  Because now they are Americans – part of the in crowd… and I am still the disinfranchised.  So the next time you march down Martin Luther King Drive, will you still allow me to be there with you as we once were or do I no longer fit the qualifications for membership?

Now, after writing all that, I feel much better.  And after taking a look at the below links, I feel even better… keep up the good work America – may we all someday be considered Americans.

Eating Out Loud blogger, Allen, has started the Let Freedom Ring Campaign.  jaysays.com is proud to participate and encourages you to do the same.  As soon as I get home with Christopher, we will be sharing our photo!

Prop 8: Let Freedom Ring! | Eating Out Loud.

To participate, take your photo, post it to your blog and visit:

Diary of a Modern Matriarch: Let Freedom Ring.

You are also encouraged to read Mathew Weaver’s commentary for Deadline USA:

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3 Responses

  1. ak says:

    You said:

    “California’s Proposition 8 passed. Gay marriage is now constitutionally banned in the only state where there was hope that Gay marriage would be recognized. ”

    …But I just wanted to point out that the great state of Massachusetts has had gay marriage for several years now, and it hasn’t been outlawed yet.

  2. jaysays says:

    You’re right, what I should have said was the only state without a residency requirement… and I stand corrected. I have update the post, thanks!

    I might add that Massachusetts (Boston at least) has a wonderful public transportation system too.

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