Perception of Gay Causes Bashing

Perception of Gay Causes Bashing

November 24, 2008 Hate Crimes LGBT News 1

There have been numerous comments over the last few weeks regarding gay people hijacking the civil rights movement (apparently no one told these people that civil rights is all inclusive, not just for select groups).  At any rate, many of those accusations have gone on to say that homosexuals have the exact same rights as everyone else.

I beg to differ on many fronts.  In this example of heterosexuals gone bad, the show Top Gears decides to write slogans on each others cars such as, “Hillary for President” and “Nascar Sucks” – in pink lettering nonetheless.  They then thought it would be a good idea to drive through the South were people aren’t real smart and associate pink letters with homosexuals.

The results are frightening.  The owner of the gas station storms out and says something to the effect of going to get the boys.  “Sho’ nough” the boys show up to take car of the faggots in the “hick town”.

The following is a link to the video. Watch what happens then claim that homosexuals are “equal”.

Top Gear – Bashed in Alabama

I’m ashamed to be from the South.

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