RELIGULOUS – Bill Maher’s Film-Documentary Regarding the Ridiculousness of Religion

RELIGULOUS – Bill Maher’s Film-Documentary Regarding the Ridiculousness of Religion

November 9, 2008 Commentary Religion 0

I’ve been meaning to post a bit about this film for some time.  Unfortunately, I’ve been too caught up in the wonderful world of political triumphs and failures and, in spite of having seen this film a couple of weeks ago, am only just now getting around to a posting about it.

First, I went into this film with fairly low expectations.  I do enjoy Bill Maher’s comedy and rants, and I agree with a lot of his “philosophies” (for lack of a better word).  He makes very good points, but lately, I’ve found him to be less funny and more condescending – and after reading his book, “New Rules” a couple of years ago, I decided it was time to find a new comedic hero.

This film has completely restored my faith in Bill Maher.  He was funny, witty and a lot less insulting than I expected him to be.  Religion is a difficult thing to talk about, particularly when you are saying that it is all based on fiction and is the cause of war.  Bill Maher successfully stated his case by interviewing various religious personalities – and he did so without crossing the line too often.  Some might feel he was too gentle on a few people; however, had he been more agressive, his message may have been lost and he may have experienced even more ridicule from the religious wrong.

Perhaps more surprising was the audience for the film.  I expected a lot of liberal looking hippy-types smelling of patchouli – what I got was a large group of ladies who looked as though they left church just to come see the film.  When I saw them enter the cinema, I thought they were there to report back to their congregation about the evils of Bill Maher and this film; however, they spent the majority of the film laughing loudly and chatting quietly about the content.  The smiles on their faces as we left suggested they were not church ladies at all, but non-patchuli wearing hippies.

Kudos to Bill Maher for his smart, funny and enlightening film that made me laugh out loud and has kept me thinking for two weeks (so far at least).

Here’s the trailer:

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