Gays Belong on Deserted Islands

Gays Belong on Deserted Islands

November 13, 2008 Stupid Things People Say About Gays 2

In the second post exposing the stupid things people say about gays, we will analyze the following comment:

Just like it’s common sense that gay behavior is unnatural. Why can’t we just put all gays on a deserted island and see how long they last? hmon20002000
(28 years old)

Let’s start at the beginning, “…gay behavior is unnatural.” Seed Magazine took an in depth look at homosexuality in the animal kingdom, and, I believe it is indisputable (except by the illiterate) that the animal kingdom can be used to demonstrate what is natural. The study found that Giraffes, Big Horn Sheep, dolphins, killer whales, gray whales, West Indian manatees and others participate in and ejaculate from homosexual activities. Japanese macaques are lesbians, and the closest living primate to humans, the Bonobos engage in lesbian sexual encounters every 2 hours. It also explains that homosexuality has been documented in over 450 vertebrate species. That’s a lot of unnatural behavior in nature. The article is nearly 3,000 words, you can view it here. For further evidence that homosexuality naturally occurs, please watch the following video:

As to the second part of the stupid comment by hmon20002000, “Why can’t we just put all gays on a deserted island and see how long they last?” The answer is clear, we would survive a very very long time. Not only because the greatest gay anthem ever written or performed is entitled, “I Will Survive” but also because we have lesbians. I am a believer that the lesbian is the true root of the homosexual community. Lesbians, stereotypically, grow things, like herbs and corn. They know soil – and guess what, we gay men know a thing or two about plants – just ask any florist. So yes, we would eat… likely an organically grown assortment of fruits and vegetables which will keep our lipids low and we will outlive all heterosexual McDonald’s eating Americans… on our own Isle of Lesbos.

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  1. TheGT says:

    I’m sure they could cum to some sort of agreement to last!

  2. Koby says:

    Say, our own island? That could be pretty awesome. Any of the Religious Reich willing to donate one to us?

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