Thou Shalt Not Kill – Moses “Teish” Cannon

Thou Shalt Not Kill – Moses “Teish” Cannon

November 18, 2008 Hate Crimes LGBT News 3

The small amount of media coverage regarding the murder of Moses “Teish” Cannon has been confusing at best and unremarkable at most.  What is known is that Teish, who self-identified as a woman, was murdered in Syracuse, New York on November 14, 2008 after being invited by a family friend to a party.  Currently, the only motive reported for the terrible crime is that she was “gay.”

This is where the news media stumbles and I stumble in an effort to provide the proper respects to Teish’s memory.  Was Teish a transgendered person who, indeed, identified the former himself as a herself, or did Teish identify as a gay man?  The answer to this question is only relevant for purposes of writing this article and adding yet another victim to the growing list of persons murdered because of their sexuality or gender identity.

I feel great sorrow for Teish’s family and friends, and I extend my most heartfelt sympathies.  The same sorrow I have felt for countless other victims of senseless crime.

Police are still investigating the murder in order to “decide” whether it is a Hate Crime.  Well, the glass slipper fits – wear it.

News coverage of Teish’s murder has been negligible; another slap in the face to a community already feeling the effects of hate after the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  The majority has taken our rights and our children and our brothers and sisters, yet we still stand strong.  We too shall overcome.

News 10 Now | 24 Hour Local News | ALL NEWS | Vigil held for possible hate crime victim.

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3 Responses

  1. Dean says:

    This is a slap in the face (the lack of media coverage, that is). How many of these Matthew Shepards will our community have to accept? Just because a person is transgendered or transexual doesn’t make him or her any less of a person. And I was shocked to see “no results” when I searched for Teish’s name on the New York Times. The murder occurred in the state of New York, for chrissakes!

    I will do my part out here in “liberal” California to spread the word about this horrific murder, so people everywhere can see what we have to constantly endure.

  2. Lil says:

    What I fail to understand is why, despite her being widely acknowledged as identifying as female, the press has to call her ‘him’ and gay…even though her lover was a man…

    Ignorance never ceases to amaze me…

  3. jaysays says:

    I completely agree Lil. Once it became common knowledge that Teish identified as a female, the least the media could do is refer to Teish by “she” or “her” where appropriate. When posting this, I decided to say “because she was ‘gay'” as I was uncertain as to what the motive actually was at that time but knew it was either sexual preference or sexual identity. Whether because she was “gay” or because she was born in a male body and identified as female or even if it was a case of “wrong place at the wrong time”, her death was undeserved.

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