$44 Million Dollar “Right of Conscience” Regulation Allows Doctors to Reject Gay Patients

$44 Million Dollar “Right of Conscience” Regulation Allows Doctors to Reject Gay Patients

December 27, 2008 Discrimination LGBT News 0

Another [potential] oversight of lawmakers and the Bush administration occurred December 26th when Bush signed the Right of Conscience Bill (which this author is endearingly henceforth referring to as the Reich of Conscious Bill) into law.  The Bill, aimed at allowing doctors to refuse abortions due to moral issues, will also allow doctors to refuse to treat gay patients should they morally object on moral grounds.

The new regulations effectually establish the rights of doctors to refuse treatment of any sort to any one or any thing to which they morally object.  Such refusal could result in severe injury or death when patients are turned away from treatment because the doctor feels their conscious cannot allow them to treat such a patient.

Imagine this scenario, as an example.  A young woman goes to the emergency room after being raped.  The doctor, being against premarital sex due to moral issues, could, due to moral reasons, deny the woman treatment.  Although an unlikely scenario, the legislation is potentially that damning.

Legal Director of HRC, Laura Schwartz, has stated that the legislation could also give doctors the right to refuse any treatment to gay people, including treatment for the common cold.

A bill proposed by Senator Clinton would nullify this legislation if passed; however, the bill will die with the end of the congressional session.

You can read more from the Southern Voice:  Rule change could allow doctors to reject gay patients – Southern Voice Atlanta.

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