Heterosexuals for Gay Rights

Heterosexuals for Gay Rights

February 26, 2009 Commentary Thought of the Gay 3

There’s a group of people that often get over looked in the struggle for civil equality for LGBT people; our heterosexual allies.  Care2 is hosting the group Heterosexuals for Gay Rights.  Unfortunately, the group is small and not well known, but deserves a loud and spirited, “Thank you.”  On their group page, it states:

Heterosexuals for Gay Rights, though aimed towards the straight community, is a group where all supporters of the gay rights movement can gather, get acquainted, and have a blast! Together we are strong.

A very special “shout out” to readers, Juan and his wife, Elisha and all our other heterosexual allies who are marching thru the illusion of the anti-gay rhetoric beside us.  You are our heroes.

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3 Responses

  1. Jude says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Juan Campos says:

    Jay…it seems my wife has leaked my identity. Now i will have to come up with a more unusual pen name, lol. Thank-You for your shout out on your great website. This website is such a wonderful educational tool to get out to the general masses (hetrosexuals) that are close minded in this world. You are the trendsetter of our generation educating, reporting facts, and providing accurate knowledge. A great man said “Knowledge is Power”. You are in the right step in giving us all “knowledge”. As a new father bringing life to this crazy world of ours, i know its my responsiblity and duty to educate her and not fall in the traps of “hatred”, or be biased to all races and gender. Jay I enjoyed reading ur blog and looking forward for more to stimulate my mind. A foot-soldier in the trenches.


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