School Demands Student Turn Rainbow Bracelet Around

School Demands Student Turn Rainbow Bracelet Around

March 19, 2009 Discrimination LGBT News Youth Issues 1

Chris Quintanilla, a 14 year old Peoria, Arizona student, was recently forced to turn his rainbow wristband inside out by the principal.  Chris reports that he has experienced numerous anti-gay moments at the school.  When the school failed to stop such anti-gay actions, his mother went to the ACLU.  See: Letter from ACLU to school district.

The principal claims that the request was made after many of Chris’ teachers found the wristband “offensive.”  See Also: Gay student banned from wearing rainbow | News Story on

Perhaps the principal is unfamiliar with the 2001 case of Chamber’s, wherein a Woodbury High School student wore a shirt which said, “Straight Pride” which resulted in the principal banning the “offensive” shirt.  In that case, sponsored by the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy (yes the anti-gay folks), U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank issued a preliminary injunction stating that the action was “probably unconstitutional.”  A federal court later agreed stating it violated the student’s right to free speech.

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  1. pngwnz says:

    I’m glad that Chris has the support of his mom and that she took this to the ACLU. Hopefully the principal and the teachers will heed the letter and change things for the better.

    Back when I was in school (lots and lots of years ago) we were not allowed to wear t-shirts which advertised specific products, or had like swear words or similar. I hope when this is resolved that others in the school wear items showing support for Chris and other lgbt students and/or teachers at the school. They should designate a special day of rainbows and the like !!!

    I hope you post any followups to this, I would like to be informed.

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