LGBT Lessons for Straight People: Words of Hate on Prop 8.

LGBT Lessons for Straight People: Words of Hate on Prop 8.

May 25, 2009 LGBT Lessons for Straight People 8

Gay EducationTuesday, June First, the California Supreme Court will announce it’s decision at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Today I looked at two websites. The LA Times and the Independent Mind. As usual, reader comments are all over the board. I’ve selected some of the negative comments and I have highlighted, in red, the words that reveal the hatred, bigotry, lies and ignorance of the people making these posts.  I have copied these comments exactly and I have not corrected any spelling or grammatical errors. I welcome every reader to link to this blog, copy the words to your own blog and share this blog with your friends.

I can’t help but ask myself. If these individuals were face to face with a gay person, would they say these words? The Internet provides anonymity. That has its positives – because all of us want to stay safe. It also has its negatives. We say things we would probably never say directly to a person. If you can’t say it to someone’s face, maybe you shouldn’t say it? For those of you that share the feelings that you are about to read, I challenge you to take the time to read some facts.  I challenge you to open your heart and think what if you were in the shoes of a gay person. Don’t judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. If your positions are correct, it shouldn’t hurt you to listen to the other side.

I’m not gay. I have many gay friends and they are are good people. Do you know someone who is gay? If not, I challenge you to purposely meet someone. For those of you that are unable to listen to why gay people deserve the same rights as straight people, hear this. Gay people are not going to shut up. They are being denied rights. You want to stop hearing about it? Give everyone equal rights and let everyone get on with their lives.

And now, on to the comments.

It’s not about giving or denying gay rights… but about demoralizing what a healthy, house & family is all about. Most of people endorsing gay marriages, don’t want their children to be educated in a gay home. This is hypocrisy! Church Ministers will be forced by law to celebrate gay marriage. Is this fair?

Posted by: Marcel | May 24, 2009 at 02:47 PM

No minister will be forced to celebrate gay marriage. Today, a minister can deny performing a wedding service to anyone. Besides, a church wedding isn’t needed to make marriage legal. It has nothing to do with civil marriage. Don’t believe me? Ask your clergyman. Or the county courthouse.

Facism is Facism. The “No on Prop 8” supporters have embraced FACISM! Their Mantra is “GAY FACISM UEBER ALLES!”

Posted by: Steve | May 24, 2009 at 07:38 AM

I have no clue what this means. But I think it’s from someone who is crazy.

You know what? I think that everyone who is unhappy with the outcome of Prop 8 should leave California immediately. Obviously you are very unhappy and you should live elsewhere that will accommodate any perversion you want. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the Supreme Court upholding the will of the people to determine what their society will look like. This isn’t a race thing so don’t give me that. This is a sexual perversion thing and I’m glad the people of California had the guts to say NO MORE! Others States who are having this issue crammed down their throats will rise up and follow suit. You watch! It will happen

Posted by: CAPearl | May 22, 2009 at 05:14 PM

I always love this solution. Don’t like how I think? Move. That’s intelligent. Crammed down their throats? I have lost count of the number of times that a religious person has knocked on my door, wanting to come in and preach to me. Never, not once, has a gay person, anywhere, tried to invade my home or what I think. Why? First, they are only interested in living their own lives. Second, someone like you might answer the door and kill them.

Gays have their Civil unions and domestic partnerships. This minority of deviants should never have the authority or power to redefine marriage or our society based on their perversions. We chose to honor male and females in marriage. We said it twice to the gays in elections. What part of “No” and “Get lost” do you not understand? Leave marriage alone. You don’t need our tradition. Make your own. And don’t beg us for validation.

Posted by: jeffrey hepler | May 22, 2009 at 04:47 PM

For the ten billionth time, this isn’t about tradition, it’s about legal rights. Civil unions and domestic partnerships cover a small fraction of the legal benefits of marriage. There are 1138 rights given to married people scattered throughout Federal Law. Look it up. And what part of equal rights and Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You don’t you understand?

Gays and Lesbians will have no choice but to abide by the law whether they like it or not. Gays and Lesbians Do Not have the right to disturb the peace or to threaten anyone who disagrees with no on Prop. 8 or their sexual orientation.

Asking for rights is disturbing the peace? It might be disturbing your narrow view of the world. Go in the closet if it bothers you. See what that is like.

Marriage is not a right to anyone, and Gays and Lesbians need to get it through their heads. If Gays and Lesbians continue to persist, they will bring on the hate and suffer the consequences of those who will not tolerate their behavior.

Marriage is a right for heterosexuals but not for gays and lesbians ,and heterosexuals need to get that through their heads. Thanks for the warning about the hate but it’s already here. Your side has not been shy about holding back. But I do thank you for having the courage to put your hatred and threats in writing. Are you willing to say these things publicly to a gay person to their face?

From Independent Minds


copycat7 wrote:



You’re kind of late copycat.  The American Psychology Association removed homosexuality as a mental illness thirty years ago. They disgust you? Just curious. Do you KNOW a gay person? Just one? I challenge you to open your mind long enough to attempt to get to know someone who is gay. Actually, you probably do know someone who is gay. They are just smart enough to know that coming out to you would be dangerous.

Re: Copycatis hate crime

zahradelaplata wrote:

Monday, 25 May 2009 at 12:34 pm (UTC)what marginality? The only marginal ones are gays. They are nothing but 3% of world population, and they try to force the rest of us, the real normal people, to accept’them as normal ones. They are not. Never will be. 97% is straight, that shows that the mere 3% is the exception to the rule, and definitely not the norm, hence, nothing normal or any need to accept their agenda. It’s unbelievable how some minuscule groups force the majority, and brainwash society, just because they have the media and enough money to push these issues. You want to live your life? OK, do so between the walls of your bedroom, and leave the rest of us alone. Don’t expect the majorities (like the one in California), accept or bend to your whims. See what you gays are trying to do in California. YOU LOST a democratic vote. DEAL WITH IT. But nooo, you just can’t, right? You have to terrorize normals, use your economic muscle, your media capacity to force the majority to change what they decided in a ballot. That shows you what is the real frame of mind of gays. They don’t just want their so called rights, they have to stomp over the opinions of others, and force them to their whims. What’s next? Promoting homosexuality in schools, so you can harvest new kids for your zoo sooner? And we’ll have to accept it, right? Riiiight.

Mormons are 1.7% of the population. In fact, most of us are in a minority for something. What  does a percent have to do with anything? What percent would it take to convince you they are normal? Terrorize? Gay people want the same rights as the rest of us. I have an idea. Keep your hatred and bigotry inside your house and leave the rest of us alone. Harvesting kids? People are born gay. Or did you go through some agonizing process of deciding to be straight?

it’s wrong wrong wrong

joshuacohen2003 wrote:

Monday, 25 May 2009 at 02:02 pm (UTC)Gays are just wrong in every sense of normal rational behaviour.
forget the religious aspect because that’s plain and simple and clearly obvious. No religion on earth condones homosexuality.

However lets look at it from an atheistic, scientific, logical, rational point of view. It’s still glarignly obvious to anyone with a few brain cells that being homosexual is just idiotic nonsense. nature created males and females.

end of argument.

Dear Joshua Cohen. Your lack of scientific education and knowledge of religious texts is stunning.  There is a growing body of evidence that sexual orientation has biological origins. Go to Entrez Pubmed and search the REAL scientific literature. Religion? There are groups in every faith that welcome LGBT members. Jews, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, even Muslim. The religious aspect is anything but obvious. People wrote ancient scriptures 2000 plus years ago. The words have been misinterpreted and the cultural context lost. Why do these words hold more convincing power than modern day science? I’m sorry, that makes no sense to me.

These comments are not only factually wrong, they hurt real people. People who are daughters, sons, brothers and sisters. Real humans who are the same as me and you. I find these comments so unethical, so filled with unfounded prejudice, so unAmerican that I am ashamed. Dehumanizing others so that we don’t have to face our biases, so we don’t have to feel that they are as human as we are,  is a slippery slope, the same slope that led to slavery and the Holocaust. Haven’t we learned anything from our own history? Our world history? We look back now and are ashamed of the discrimination in our nation’s past. The next generation will look back on the fight for gay rights the same way. It is already happening. In the end, hate always loses.

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8 Responses

  1. dragonheartsong says:

    I am simultaneously amused and horrified by the illiterate, illogical and hate-filled ramblings of these people. I’m ordained clergy, and I resent (ahem) the HELL out of their using religion as an excuse for homophobia.

  2. some ole Black guy says:

    E.T , phoned home and told his kind that the two kinds that lived on this rock were the him and her”s , the he and he’s and the her and her”s. The him and her lay together and injected sperm into eggs that created life. The her and her”s lay together and ate the eggs that were to be injected, where-by killing the life force of a creation. The he and he and He’s lay together and drank the sperm, the essence of life for the eggs, murdering the procreation process. and yet to be known as the Heteros and the Homos. the Heteros procreated life known as CHILDREN while the Homo’s Murdered life, a perverted style of abortion. They add to the confusion by demanding Equality under the law. would some one explain to me as if I were a four year old, what are the Homos equal to?

    • jaysays says:

      Hi some ole black man:

      I will gladly attempt explain it to you and attempt to speak to you as though you were a child. The Heteros and the Homos are actually Homosapiens which is, ironically, from the latin, “wise human.” Humans are living beings, not like “E.T.” which is a fake being.

      “He’s” spill sperm which do not create life in many different ways. Such as nocturnal emissions and self gratification – billions upon billions of sperm never make children.

      She’s don’t use all their eggs either – or they would be pregnant EVERY month!!! Except when already pregnant as they can’t really get pregnant again while pregnant.

      Thus the logic used in your comment is very much like a four year old, well, one that has been misinformed. I encourage you to educate yourself about human rights, perhaps at taking a look at your own cultural history you can see similarities. Google search: “The Curse of Ham.”

  3. Mary says:

    Wow, “Some ole” makes “Steve” from May 24, 2009 at 07:38 AM sound eloquent and sane.

  4. Dee says:

    I am ashamed to be a human with some of these ignornant close minded fools. I followed this thing they call god and never believed they way they do. I took the words “judge not” to heart.

    People wake up – love between two people is just that LOVE. Why do others feel the need to stand there and tell them they shouldn’t be allowed to be married.

    While I’m on my platform, think about this – do you for one moment think that anyone would CHOOSE to be GLBT? My goddess it’s such a difficult life. Oh, yes, I want to CHOOSE to be a person that other’s are going to ridicule, hate, throw things at, stand there to scream or curse at, and oh…have others think they have the right to judge me or my life? Good grief people that think anyone chooses a lifestyle over an easy one is just completely stupid!

    I am saying this as a witch, a pagan, a person that no longer believes in the way I was raised. I got tired of all the arrogance and hatred I was being TAUGHT in the church. Take a good long look at things people, and remember his words – ALL OF THEM.

    Oh, I can not believe others can be so completely ignorant! I’m still ashamed to be a human with some of these people.

  5. some ole Black guy says:

    [This comment has been greyed out due to hateful comments which may be considered threatening, abusive or ignorant. In the spirit of free speech however, the comment remains published and can be viewed by dragging your cursor over the text area below. Thank you.]
    Mary? I did not get to read what Steve had to say, but it must have struck a nerve or two….

    Heartsong , some people will open their mouth and out falls the total sum of who they are, you would come to the brink of an orgasmic pinnacle over the stupidity of a given few…. Making claim that “I’m ordained clergy, personally I don’t think you know the meaning of the term, it means to be called by GOD and you top it with much love for the perverted act of homosexuality? K-mart isn’t closed yet, take your ordination back. We do not have excuses nor are we afraid of you, we are afraid for you and your soul. bound for hell’s fire.

    Jay, or should I say mr. spock for reasons known only to the psycho club that has to make logic to every worthless phrase known to man , did you know this jack was an ass and is and you are as jack but much bigger.. I can picture you in front of God , annalistically snaring at life long sperm sucking, fesses eating pervert you were. I pray to God that I will still be that four year old when I meet him, not some trying to make an analytical white wash of the sins you enjoy so much, God gave you a single talent when he gave you life. You best be trying to figure out what you’re going tell him you did with it..

    Dee, you don’t have be ashamed of being Human, you are going to die like the rest of your kind, the witches, pagans the Glut’s the liar the murders, the fornicators., all of you are going to a party for seven years then it will all be over on this rock. You sound like you are Jay”s social partner, believing all that hypothetical crape on the live and let live the way that makes you happy, when two of your people are in love you wouldn’t know L O V E if it bit you, You mean lust. The art of being a, thieving, fornicating, rebellious, liar is what you are. BACKSLIDER are you .Yes you chose to be the way you are. Every thing is by choice only retards and aardvarks are born the way they are You THOUGHT. It was going to be easy, care free and 25% richer as long as your aunt Em was telling you it was okay as long as you don’t tell anyone WELL HELLLLO GAY BABLIERS you ain’t in Kansas any more, it time for a wake up call, and people are feed up with your desire to be perverted as a life style, You spawn the hate, that’s why you meet with such resistance, why because auntie Em had everyone believing “it is just a phase they will grow out of it” as Jay would not say it’s the curse of Eve. Don’t wait too long lil girl or you will end up in that place with the others for an awful long time. Don’t live this abomination any longer. You got a free pass, it began when you were a child, taught, raised, and prayed for, and the good thing is that some one is still praying for you. So do your self a favor and ask God to kick the demons to curb, let them go into the swine’s and die as you click your prayers together “there is no place like home” there is no place like home, God’s Church is waiting. YOUR CHOICE.

    oh yeah LGBT figure out what to do when the child molesters start lobbying for 7 year old be advised when it happends to children, that’s when it really get UGLY

  6. geekgirl says:

    Hello Some Ole Black Guy
    First, I would like to let you know that Jay is not the author of this article. I am. I am straight, 54 years old, white, married to the same man for 32 years and I am a scientist. Thank you for the Mr. Spock compliment. Logic and compassion are my strengths.

    I’m not sure why you feel so compelled to make the comments that you do. We are a group advocting equality for everyone, advocating that people learn to accept the difference in people. We are peaceful. We don’t advocate hating anyone. Clearly your beliefs about gay people are driven by your interpretation of the Bible. I do not share them.

    If you will look at some of my other blogs, you will find scientific proof that being gay is NOT a choice, you will find proof that they are not child molesters. You do have a choice, some old black guy. You can learn to be open to hearing logic, you can look into your heart and find compassion, or you can carry your anger and prejudice.

    There are black people who are gay. There are black people who support gay rights. Do you know anyone personally who is gay? If you had a gay child, would you say these words to your own child? I hope you will give that some serious thought.

  7. mgaiser says:

    It's funny. Every ignorant comment is not only filled with multiple spelling and grammatical errors- but is also downright unintelligent.

    I guess that proves something….

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