Police Raid Lesbians’ Home with Derogatory Comments

Police Raid Lesbians’ Home with Derogatory Comments

May 11, 2009 Discrimination Featured LGBT News 6

San Antonio Police DepartmentOver the past several months, the San Antonio Texas Police Department has come under scrutiny for abuses to LGBT people.  This comes as no surprise considering their history – including incidents involving yours truly, a brutal beating of a couple at a local mall during an arrest due to the women “kissing” in public, and two incidents involving gay men on San Antonio’s Main Street [the “gay” district].

The latest episode involves an “anonymous” tip from a neighbor of a lesbian couple indicating the two women had a meth lab in their home.  Although untrue, police were able to secure a warrant and entered the couple’s home by knocking the door down on April 28, 2009.

The couple, Carolyn and Lindsey, were settling in for the evening.  Lindsey was already in bed and Carolyn had just come in from taking their dogs out when the police broke threw the front door of the house saying, “We have a warrant.”

Police handcuffed Carolyn before one policeman entered the bedroom and found Lindsey hiding her naked body under the covers.  The officer asked Lindsey if she were nude, and upon her positive response, he laughed at her then grabbed a t-shirt from the closet and tossed it over to her.  A second male officer entered the room and handed Lindsey a pair of pants.  Then a third officer entered and watched smiling as Lindsey struggled to dress without revealing herself to the male officers.

When Lindsey stood up, one of the officers grabbed her, turned her around and asked, “What man lives here?”  Lindsey answered that there was no man living in the house; however, the police did not believe her because the house contained “male” items such as a samuri sword, knives and a bow.  Lindsey advised that the items did not belong to a man, but rather to Carolyn, and that they are a lesbian couple.  All of the officers in the room with Lindsey then laughed at her.  One of the officers responded:

See, I knew that about you. I knew that y’all were lesbians. I had someone who was in here last night, they described your house and your girlfriend in there. We’re going to bring in a drug dog and if we find a small stash, we’re going to let that slide. But if we find anything like a lab or anything like that, we’re taking you and your girlfriend in.

According to Lindsey, two other officers were talking about how they liked quirky women because they were freaks in bed.  She further expressed the couple’s humiliation caused by the rude comments and laughter of the officers noting that the interrogation went far beyond ordinary police work.

The officers did not find any narcotics or meth lab in the house.  They did; however, take the time to lay several personal items belonging to the girls on the bed, including books and videos with sexual connotations as well as several of Carolyn’s bras.

Emails to the San Antonio Police Department were not responded to prior to publication.  You may contact the San Antonio Police Department’s Gay and Lesbian Community Liaison, Capt. Jose Banales, via email to jose.banales@sanantonio.gov.

QSanAntonio has done a wonderful report which includes the names and badge numbers of all San Antonio (and Leon Valley [suburb]) Police Officer’s names and badge numbers.

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6 Responses

  1. Jay, thanks for posting this. Can you please stay on this story for us so we can have the updates and put our attention on other matters? This is absolutely despicable; I’m cross posting it on my site as well as sending the governor a personal email.

  2. mj says:

    I’m also glad you posted this. This is frightening. I thought it was safe to live quietly in your own neighborhood but it seems that in some places a “neighbor” could call the police and file a false report – which is enough for a warrant ??? !!
    Please – I would also like to stay informed about the situation – especially to know how Lindsey and Carolyn are doing.

  3. Jack says:

    Dial 911 make a cop cum… I hate cop’s and can’t not believe they get away with this stuff. I just wanted to comment on the picture you have of the cop patch. ” protect and serve hetrosexuals only” well that not all ture. you see you left out the “unless your a biker” part. You see as a biker I can’t go eat at some place’s or have a beer at other’s,maybe we should just take out the protect and serve and put in write tickets and harass. oh and eat donut’s, but enough of my rant.Did I tell you I hate cop’s.

  4. Tigger says:

    This sounds way too close to Bower v Hardwick in Georgia over twenty years ago. I am often embarassed to live in Texas. At least Austin is cool.

    I hope Lindsey and Carolyn are fine.

  5. […] Department has come under fire lately from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender activist after police allegedly used derogatory comments against a lesbian couple during a home raid. The women, Lindsey and Carol, had been at home for the evening when police […]

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