Closet Talk: Reverend Jo’s Story: Faith and Sexuality.

Closet Talk: Reverend Jo’s Story: Faith and Sexuality.

June 11, 2009 Closet Talk Community Outreach 1

Closet TalkAfter dealing with a few technical difficulties on last night’s Closet Talk, Reverend Jo, an out and proud lesbian, and I finally had a chance to talk about faith, sexuality and her own coming out after an unhappy marriage.  We discussed her religious beliefs and her own spiritual path as well as the path being followed by those that use religion as a means of downgrading the LGBTQ Community.

I also finally had the opportunity to ask someone in the faith community: why is it that religion generally cannot distinguish between “belief” and “truth?”

So how do you reconcile faith and sexuality?  How do you find your spiritual path?  Reverend Jo suggests many reads including, Who is My God? — An Innovative Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Identity.

Hear the show:

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  1. Thanks for the invitation, Jay. I very much enjoyed our discussion. Blessings to you, those you love, and all your readers. Jo

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