It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeated: Ft. Worth Gay Bar Raided

It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeated: Ft. Worth Gay Bar Raided

June 29, 2009 Featured LGBT News 6

stonewallSaturday night, I shut down to honor the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots. I sat there contemplating how life has changed for LGBT people since that night forty years ago.  It was midnight central time. Little did I know that in less than an hour, history would repeat itself as police raided the Rainbow Lounge in Ft. Worth, Texas.

According to the Ft. Worth Police Department, officers were doing routine raids and the Rainbow Lounge just happened to be on their list.  Reports indicate that six Ft. Worth Police officers and two Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers participated in the raid.

Now, I’ve been inside of a straight bar during one of these routine checks.  Two agents walked the bar requesting identification from patrons.  In this case, one man was under age and had been served with alcohol.  A citation was issued to the bar and the agents left with the underage individual, presumably taking him into custody.

In this case, EIGHT officers entered the bar and arrested seven patrons for public intoxication.  The Ft. Worth Police Department claims that those arrested were obviously very intoxicated and made sexual gestures at the officers.  One man is hospitalized after, as police allege, he grabbed one officer’s groin (something any gay man might do in a similar situation).  However, this man was then “taken down” by police, fracturing his skull.

Eye witness accounts of the raid differ greatly from the police accounts. One person at the bar has indicated publicly that he watched as the first arrest occurred.  A man standing at the bar took a drink of his cocktail and was thrust down on the bar by the officer and handcuffed [police were using plastic detention cuffs].

Another eyewitness indicated that he was sitting with friends on the patio area when officers came outside.  They then asked why everyone had gotten so quiet.  When one group continued their conversation, officers then arrested one of the participants.

No eyewitness account currently publish has indicated any sexual gestures or other such behavior being directed at the officers.

This raid, coincided not only with the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Inn raid, but it marked the eve of the Million Gay March in Dallas.  It is reasonable to say that someone on the Ft. Worth police department would have known that a massive march was underway in neighboring Dallas.  Therefore, is it too much to conclude that the timing was no coincidence?

As the day progressed, the front page of, which had been a tribute to Stonewall 1969, changed from a symbol of peace to a symbol of outrage – the Ft. Worth Police Department sent a message to the LGBT community last night  We must repeat the message of our predecessors, “Stonewall was a Riot; Now We Need a Revolution.”

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6 Responses

  1. SD9 says:

    Outrage is right! Seems that not much has changed for the our/gay community. So much for protect and serve.

  2. PixieDrea says:

    I cried as I read this. It's so sad to think we've come so far, only to be shown how much farther we need to go. Rather than making this a reason to behave like heathens and use violence, we as a community need to use this incident as a stepping stone to something greater.

    • jaysays says:

      Don't cry Drea – it could be worse. We aren't being publicly executed. It will be ok. The next generation will be safer and happier because of those that came before them. We just have to stay strong.

  3. Cliff Young says:

    time for people to get pissed off and stand up in unison. Be proud and Out or nothing is ever going to change.
    If not you then who?

  4. Goombah says:

    Raiding this bar at the same time as the 40th anniversary of stonewall is NO accident. Time for our community to wake up and get mad as hell. Kudos to for getting this news out to folks.

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