Musician Lee Waters Tackles Hate and Virginia Foxx – but mostly hate.

Musician Lee Waters Tackles Hate and Virginia Foxx – but mostly hate.

June 25, 2009 Community Outreach Featured 0

Lee WatersYou may not know this, but there are two things I adore, singer/songwriters and personal blogs.  If you are not familiar with the wonderfully talented singer/songwriter/all around cool guy/blogger, Lee Waters, you have missed out dearly – but now, you can redeem that part of your life wasted in the land of the “I don’t know Lee.”

Lee recently wrote and recorded the song “Virginia” as an answer to the comments made by Representative Virginia Foxx.  If you don’t recall, Foxx claimed Matthew Shepard’s murder was a “hoax.”  She later apologized, kind of, but never fully understood the severity of her remark.

In spite of her speech, Hate Crimes Legislation passed the House of Representatives and has moved on to the Senate… so they say.

Lee has now started fund raising for the Matthew Shepard Foundation by way of his song, Virginia – or by way of many of his songs.  This is my official plea to readers to support Lee’s cause and help him meet his goal. As he states on his site,

I’ve set a goal of $500 in 1 month, and I know that with your help, we can reach the target ahead of time. I dream of a moneyed knight who’ll just give the full amount, but if you, like me, suffer from Recession Economy Syndrome, you could give just $10 instead of:

  1. Completing your Torchwood action figure collection (you know who you are)
  2. Picking up some cloves to roll your own kreteks (you know who I am)
  3. Buying the latest Clear Channel top 40 album (do you even know who they are?)

For more information, please visit:  Lee Waters » Blog Archive » Please Don’t Make Me Go Sally Struthers on You.

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