Month: June 2009

Business As Usual May Mean No More Southern Baptists.

The Southern Baptist convention made no apologies for breaking its 127-year relationship with the Fort Worth Baptist church because the relationship was breached due to the Fort Worth church’s lenient stance on homosexuality.

Apparently, allowing homosexuals to be members of the church is a no-go for the Southern Baptist Convention. Although seminary president, Danny Akin, will readily admit (and in fact has said), “Business as usual is not working” for the Southern Baptists, it looks like it is business as usual for this elitist organization of right-wing conservatives.

June 24, 2009 0

Will the Mormon Church Reconcile with Gays and Lesbians?

How many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does it take to make a movement? Apparently, the answer is 482, which at the time of this post is the number of signors to “A Plea for Reconciliation” from The group consists of LDS members, former members and others who believe in the equal value of every soul regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or worldly condition. The Petition for Reconciliation begins:

“We the undersigned, in the spirit of love and peace, earnestly seek to create a climate for reconciliation between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gays and lesbians who have been affected by the policies, practices and politics of the Church.”

June 23, 2009 17

Why Pat Roberston Can Have Heaven.

When I was young we would play “the telephone game.” Essentially, a large group of people would get together and one person would start with a phrase like, “The portal opened up into a new dimension.” That would be whispered to the next person, who would whisper it to the next and so on and so forth until it gets to the last person. The last person would then say the phrase out loud and it would almost inevitably lead to a huge roar of laughter. What was, “The portal opened up into a new dimension,” would now be, “The turtle suffered from severe dementia.”

June 22, 2009 3

2010 Census will Include Married, Same-Sex Couples in Spite of DOMA.

The news is out with regard to the 2010 census and, in spite of previous arguments that the Defense of Marriage Act will prevent the Census Bureau from counting married same-sex couples, it appears the census will count all Americans – as they see themselves. According to Steve Jost, a spokesman for the Census Bureau:

“They [same-sex couples] will be counted, and they ought to report the way they see themselves.”

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs had this to say:

“The president and the administration are committed to a fair and accurate count of all Americans. We’re in the midst of determining the best way to ensure that gay and lesbian couples are accurately counted.”

June 22, 2009 0

Diane Rheem Hosts ‘Obama Administration and Gay Rights’

Yesterday, Diane Rheem’s show discussed the Obama Administration and gay rights. If you missed the show, I highly recommend you take a moment to listen to it when you have an opportunity. Diane’s guests included Human Rights Campaign President, Joe Solmones, Director of the Office of Personnel Management, John Berry, and the Senior Pastor of the Hope Christian Church in Beltsvelle, MD, Harry Jackson.

The show began with John Berry claiming that we must recognize the memorandum outlining benefits available to domestic partners of federal civil service employees as “one step” in the process for equality. It’s become obvious that the administration is attempting to mitigate the damages caused to the Democratic party by the DOMA memo.

June 19, 2009 1

Bruno: Humor or Homophobia?

FoxNews, amongst others, are reporting that the new movie from Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno, has concerned gay rights activists as the movie doesn’t “spoof” homosexuals, it “bashes” them. However, the character of Bruno has been around for some time, spoofing [or bashing] homosexuals with little more than a ripple from the gay community at large.

A few nights ago, honey Christopher and I were sitting on the couch enjoying some evening television and saw the trailer, we both laughed and Christopher started pulling up clips of “Bruno” from previous Cohen shows. We watched several clips, all of which made us “LOL.”

June 19, 2009 0

Closet Talk: Marlin’s Story. From Christ to Queer

Marlin used to be a Church of Christ pulpit minister. Now, he’s an out and proud gay man. He left the pulpit, in effect, to “come out” of the closet he had been hiding in for 42 years. Marlin and I discussed the coming out process, he’s preaching about homosexuality, the effect of his coming out on his faith, conversion therapy/left handedness and religious arguments against homosexuality.

June 18, 2009 0

LGBT Lessons for Straight People: I Support Gay Rights But I’m Not Gay.

Hi Straight People. Are you straight? Then this blog is for you. I’m straight too. So how did I end up here, on a gay man’s blog? Ah, the answer to that is long. The better question is how did you end up here?

Have you been catching the news now and then? Let’s be honest. Most straight people don’t really participate in the gay rights movement nor do they really keep track. Like most everyone, we can barely get through the day, what with worrying about kids, jobs, daycare, college, bosses, the economy, our bills, our health. It just goes on doesn’t it?

June 17, 2009 3

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: the Obama Administration and I.

Do you remember the pre-President Obama? He would stand before a crowd of say, 20 people at a community center talking about the American Dream and living it. At that time, and currently, he had a “wife” that he loved, someone he could turn to while speaking and say, “Thank you to my beautiful ‘wife’ for helping me live this dream.”

Well Mr. President, I have a dream too. I dream that someday I can stand before a crowd of people and say, “Thank you to my beautiful ‘husband’ for helping me live this dream.”

June 15, 2009 7

What Do Hate Crimes and Travel Promotion Have in Common?

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what hate crimes and the promotion of tourism into the United States have to do with each other. However, as is being reported via an “unnamed source” by way of the Washington Blade, Americablog and Pam’s House Blend, The United States Senate has deemed adding the current Hate Crimes Bill as an Amendment to S. 1023, also known as the Travel Promotion Act of 2009, proper.

The purpose of S. 1023 is “to establish a non-profit corporation to communicate United States entry policies and otherwise promote leisure, business, and scholarly travel to the United States.”

June 15, 2009 1