Closet Talk: Gabrielle Hermosa of

Closet Talk: Gabrielle Hermosa of

July 23, 2009 Closet Talk Community Outreach Featured 4

Closet TalkGabrielle Hermosa joined me last night on Closet Talk.  She is the author of and was a delightful guest.  According to her website Gabrielle is:

…a crossdresser, media artist, husband, part-time blogger and psychology enthusiast. I write about crossdressing, my personal life, and mix it up with fun and humor.

It is time we got out of the 1950’s when it comes to transgendered issues.

We discussed many of the myths associated with crossdressing/crossdressers, how crossdressers fall into the umbrella of “transgender” people, her own coming out to her wife as a crossdresser, voice feminization issues and the sexual fetish of crossdressing.

We couldn’t pack all the information into a 30 minute show, so we went about 20 minutes long; however, it’s well worth it. The show was slightly delayed in going live, but the archive begins as it should. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Jay for hosting the Gabrielle bit. We "straight" cross dressers are not an easy fit (and not just in the dress and shoe department) in mainstream society and to a degree within the LGBT community. True, we are likely to get a warmer welcome in a rainbow flagged nightclub than many other social settings, but are to a degree marginalized even here. I suspect this is in part a result of our shaken but still natural and resolute heterosexuality. I have gay and lesbian friends who harbor a suspicion that we "are not really dealing with it" by dressing.

    And so, sincerely, I and many others truly appreciate you going a little outside of your core domain expertise, expressing an interest in Gabrielle, and introducing us quite nicely to your audience.

    We are all just folk after all, and our orientation, gender indentification and the ways we explore and surface our whole selves are just a part of who we are.

    And do go ahead with the mini-skirt. Texas heat is a killer.

    Cheers – Petra

  2. mjpngwnz says:

    Petra – I listened to Gabrielle's interview – and I really really enjoyed. Gabrielle has a beautiful voice – by the way. I really appreciate all that you shared about you – and all the information you shared. You answered a number of questions for me.

    Jason – thank-you for having Petra / Gabrielle on your show. It was wonderful – (despite the technical glitches).

  3. Joanne says:

    This was ok.. I have been there since 1975 Should have seen the scene then..

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