U.S. Military Accused of Executing Iraqi Gays

U.S. Military Accused of Executing Iraqi Gays

July 30, 2009 Featured Hate Crimes LGBT News 0

fofTwo Iraqi refugees recently made a shocking presentation at an HRC sponsored event geared toward assisting LGBT people who have sought asylum to the U.S. from Iraq.  In their presentation, the two refugees presented photos of U.S. soldiers allegedly lining up gay men to execute.  One of the presenters, identified only as Hussam, showed upwards of 80 photographs depicting beheaded men alleged to be victims of U.S. Military executions because they were or were perceived to be gay.  Hussam has since refused to turn the photographs over to media outlets.

Hussam further alleged that U.S. Service Members were placing signs on the barracks stating, “Fuck Off Fags.”

While its been easy for U.S. citizens to acknowledge that the the Sunni and Shia militias as committing such executions, the shock of allegations against our own service members has produced numerous skeptics, and rightfully so.  Defense officials cannot confirm the allegations and had no reports until the allegations by Hussam of U.S. Military participating in the Iraq execution of gays.

The U.S. Military has had many past episodes of human rights violations including forcing prisoners of war to masturbate for the camera, placing them in collars and otherwise humiliating them.  We must go forward with these latest allegations with the highest degree of skepticism.  Although it is my greatest hope that these allegations are utterly false, they cannot and should not be ignored.

See: U.S. military accused of atrocities against Iraqi gays – Washington Blade.

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