Closet Talk: TransIssues with Allyson Robinson, Associate Director of Diversity, HRC

Closet Talk: TransIssues with Allyson Robinson, Associate Director of Diversity, HRC

August 31, 2009 Closet Talk Community Outreach Featured 2

Closet TalkEven a summary of Allyson Robinson’s life and work within the LGBT community would fill a book. Allyson is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a pastor with a Masters in divinity, the Associate Director of Diversity for HRC, a wife and a mother. Just in case I forget to mention it later, Allyson is also transgender – and she blogs! In this episode of Closet Talk, we discussed Allyson’s life before coming out/transitioning and her life now.

Interestingly, Allyson is also legally married to a woman, something we further discuss on the show.  Their marriage, while illegal for most same-sex couples, is recognized by the United States government because Allyson was married prior to her transition.  Listen to the show to learn more about this “loop-hole” in the law.

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2 Responses

  1. LOrion says:

    Just a new follower of jaysays, so I do not want to preach. But this is timely, as it just came to our attention on other blogs I follow, thanks to a great post from a deaf bisexual.
    Radio shows and videos without transcripts are useless to them!
    There is a House Bill HR 3101 to help remedy this for larger media.

    For our own 'in house' stuff we have to figure it ourselves.
    I will listen to this as soon as I can as I am interested in transgender issues,
    .. and will possibly transcribe. Please cnosider that for other 'voice only' postings.

    Here is link joe's blog and his story.

    • jaysays says:

      Glad to have you here!

      Thank you for sharing the link to Joe's post. It's definitely something to consider as I do hope to be as accessible as possible. Unfortunately, as an independent blogger time is limited and transcribing the weekly show myself is thus, not an option. Obviously, transcription service is extremely expensive and since I offer my blog and shows gratis, I cannot handle the added expense.

      That all being said, I'm very open to suggestions on improving the accessibility of the site, particularly the radio shows. I'd be thrilled to find someone willing to transcribe them so that the audience can be expanded. All bloggers here are volunteer – perhaps some kind person would be kind enough to volunteer transcription service. Let's hope so!

      If you have any other recommendations, such as software to accomplish the goal, please let me know.

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