The Gay Panic Defense: It Even Works Over Seas

The Gay Panic Defense: It Even Works Over Seas

October 21, 2009 Commentary Featured Thought of the Gay 0

gaypanicThe gay panic defense is catching on over seas.  Our friends down under have successfully followed most of the rules and have managed to downgrade charges of murder to “manslaughter” after arguing that the sexual advances of another man warranted defending themselves.  Had they followed them to a “T,” an acquittal would have been certain!

As discussed in Queensland Pride, Jason Pearce, 38, and Richard Meerdink, 40, were on hallowed ground last after getting drunk on cask wine.  They encountered 45 year old Wayne Ruks who was allegedly also intoxicated.

Video footage from CCTV showed the 15 minute altercation during which Pearce and Meerdink beat Ruks with repeated hits, kicks and elbows to the stomach.  Of course, this is completely justifiable considering Ruks allegedly grabbed Pearce’s groin, which sexual advance was no where on the tape.

Obviously, this alleged but unseen groin grab constituted a life threatening situation which justified the brutal beating of Ruks by two men – or so it seems the Australian Court thinks.

Queensland activist, John Frame, expressed his outrage by stating:

Imagine if heterosexual women killed straight males when they received unwanted sexual advances from them.  That wouldn’t wash with juries – and neither should this.

Well John, maybe they should start doing so – of course that would eliminate the bulk of the male species within months.

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