Restore Equality 2010: When They Fight, They Give Us Hope

Restore Equality 2010: When They Fight, They Give Us Hope

November 16, 2009 Headline LGBT News Marriage Equality 4

Restore Equality 2010Perseverance may will pay off in California next year.  Restore Equality 2010 officially launched its petition drive along with a social networking site, today.  The statewide group is a coalition of organizations committed to repealing the unconstitutional Proposition 8 which narrowly passed last November, damaging thousands of families in the state and destroying what could have been the election’s most prized lesson: prejudice and discrimination are a thing of America’s past.

Restore Equality 2010 has not been without critics, including some within the LGBT community.  Many large, well-funded state and national groups have taken the position that a 2010 ballot initiative won’t give organizations and activists enough time to prepare.  However, the passion, enthusiasm and promise of the people behind Restore Equality 2010 remind this blogger that “…there is hope that the system can work for all minorities if we fight. We’ve given them hope.” — Harvey Milk

According to Jeffrey Taylor, spokesperson for Restore Equality 2010, “This is the moment activists across our great state have been waiting for. Restore Equality 2010 is thrilled to mobilize in support of and Love Honor Cherish’s inspiring and unwavering stand for the immediate restoration of marriage equality in California.”

Proponents of the ballot initiative have until April 12, 2010 to gather approximately 1 million signatures.

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  1. research paper says:

    Hope for others!

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for the support, Jay!

    We will fight and we WILL win this time –

    if your readers can donate to help:



  3. mjpngwnz says: is a very workable website. User friendly. Easy to sign up – easy to download the petition – easy to view the training.

    Glad you posted this jason! Glad you are a part of this jane!


  4. Daniel Pitt says:

    Another wonderful peace from true LGBT equality activists who really do care! A little short for my liking, but succint and to the point – brilliance in effect!

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