Stupid Things People Say About Gays: Adam Lambert Gave Up Being ‘Gay’

Stupid Things People Say About Gays: Adam Lambert Gave Up Being ‘Gay’

November 24, 2009 Featured Stupid Things People Say About Gays 4

Stupid Things People Say About GaysThe controversy surrounding Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards’ kiss hasn’t ceased.  In fact, it continues to escalate as person after person calls in complaint after complaint saying they just don’t want to see gays having sex on television.

Of course, Adam and his kissing buddy didn’t have sex on television, they simply shared a passionate kiss.  It should come as no surprise that television watchers don’t care to see gay people smooching – particularly considering that even the smallest displays of affection have resulted in forceful detainment, harassment and outright bigotry of same-sex couples over the past several months.  Those incidents spawned the Great Nationwide Kiss-In and hundreds of LGBT people around the country puckered up to show that “it’s only a kiss.”

Unfortunately, Adam is a “superstar” in his own right and such a public display has had all sorts of crazy commentary, many of which are provided in an Enduring Vision article:

… it’s like, you read about something like that in People [magazine] or on the internet, but as time goes by without Adam having public sex with another man, you begin to forget about it. – Terry Jones

Wait.  You were reminded that Adam Lambert is gay because he had public sex?  And here I thought there was no point in watching the American Music Awards – I could have gotten a dose of gay porn?  Seriously, since when is kissing in public the same as sex in public?

But the ignorance doesn’t stop there.  Mrs. Jones (ironic name perhaps?) goes on:

[I believed Adam Lambert had] decided to give up this whole ‘gay’ thing when he became famous. Now I know I’m most likely wrong.

Most likely wrong?  No, Mrs. Jones, you are completely wrong.  Adam was and is still “gay” – even when you aren’t practicing gay kissing on television, you are most certainly still gay.

But the fun doesn’t stop there as Terry Jones’ neighbor, Phil Martin, chimes in with a brilliant stereotype of gay people:

I thought all winners and contestants on American Idol were gay.

You mean, like Kelly Clarkson, Mr. Martin?  Yeah, uhm, she’s straight (but fabUloUs).

And it gets even better as Martin goes on:

…acting gay on TV” as Lambert did is completely beyond the pale… because it makes it difficult for people to forget his gayness. [emphasis added]

Imagine how difficult it is for Adam Lambert to forget your bigotry and then come crying to me about forgetting he’s gay.

But the Adam Lambert kiss has clarified perhaps the most difficult question about gay rights – Why not gay marriage?  Well, isn’t it obvious that it the wedding is not what bothers them, but the kiss at the end?

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4 Responses

  1. SmD says:

    Well said! 🙂

  2. Geekgirl says:

    And… the Adam fans are mad at ABC. All it takes is to love one gay person for people to change their hearts and minds.
    So Adam kissed a boy and he liked it. Yawn. My child never had nightmares from watching people kiss on TV.

  3. mjpngwnz says:

    Can we say "double standard"? So do some people think it's "cute" when two women kiss on stage during an awards performance – but when two men kiss it is _____??

    There have been a lot more things included in performances which are much more sexual than a kiss – during these award shows. Nobody seemed to be complaining when male singers grabbed (or pretended to grab) their own genitals.

    Reminder to those who said "Adam Lambert is still Gay…." => Gay is NOT a lifestyle choice. It is life.

  4. Penny says:

    Oh God !!! But It was ok when Madonna kiss Britney and Christina that was awsome right? Oh!! and don’t forget how great Angelina Jolie looks when she was kissing her brother. Think about that…..

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