Equality Florida’s Orlando Office Vandalized – Yeah, I’m Pissed

Equality Florida’s Orlando Office Vandalized – Yeah, I’m Pissed

November 17, 2009 Commentary Featured Thought of the Gay 0

It’s not uncommon for LGBT groups and organizations to suffer at the hands of ignorant, bigoted, hateful people who wish nothing more than… dare I say, fags to die.  If you doubt that these hatemongers teach that to their flock and families, just take a look at the messages scrawled on the walls at Equality Florida’s Orlando Office and the results of the anti-gay movements battle against us becomes clear.  They want us dead.

Go to hell

That’s just one of the photos from Equality Florida’s website.  Other messages were more on point, including the scrawled Swastika, a symbol now associated with the persecution and murders of hundreds of thousands of people during German occupation – and yes, that included us “fags.”  Another message for the queers from our fun loving fellows, “”Die Fags.”

Am I angry?  Yes, but not at the vandals.  I’m angry at every single person that votes against our families, our marriages and our rights.  You have told these people that it is ok to brutalize us, degrade us and promote the murder of us.  By refusing to treat us as equal citizens, you are granting a free-pass to those that would harm us – you have given them a reason and an excuse.  Your lack of humanity and decency is appalling.

Now, here’s what we get to do.  We get to send more money to help Equality Florida clean up the mess and install a security system.  That money could be used to help feed families over the holiday season, give gifts to our loved ones and be thankful. So, when you say your Thanksgiving Day prayers and thank God for your family, I hope you consider my family – the one you keep voting against – a family that continues to have to sacrifice so that you can have your ego trip.  Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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