Man Pays Prostitute to “Fix” his Gay Son… allegedly

Man Pays Prostitute to “Fix” his Gay Son… allegedly

December 23, 2009 Featured LGBT News Youth Issues 4

Cure A Queer - Warning SignHow deep does homophobia have to go before society, at large, admits that it is a serious problem?  Police in Queensland, Australia are investigating a man who allegedly paid a prostitute to rape his 15 year old son because he thought his son was homosexual.  According to reports, the man took the boy to a motel, gave a female prostitute $50.0o and told his son that he wanted to see a used condom to evidence that he was getting what he was paying for.

But for the father allegedly making yet another brilliant parenting decision, the incident would have remained unreported.  Police were tipped off about the rape when the father called the Child Protection Investigation Unit to inquire as to why they hadn’t investigated his son for “abusing” his younger brother,  After he inquired, he advised the the officer that he had attempted to fix the problem himself by taking the boy to a prostitute.

Rockhampton Magistrates Court’s investigation determined that enough evidence existed to substantiate the allegations against the father to send him to trial for the rape of his son.

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4 Responses

  1. Nelson G says:

    This is not a new concept; My dad tried to hook me up with a hooker too… that was in 1973.

  2. Jude says:

    I think at 15 this constitutes child abuse. One report that I read said he kept going into the room to ensure something happened. His son was crying.
    This is insane. So much for family values that sex also has components of emotional bonding and mutual respect.

  3. mjpngwnz says:

    This should not be done whether the young man is gay or straight. The comment from Nelson G brought back memories of hearing about a childhood friend of mine – well our families were friends. His father took him to Las Vegas (also in the early 70's) so that his first experience would be with an "experienced" lady.

    I don't agree with the concept at all. Any sexual experience – male or female – gay or straight – should be consensual and desired.

    The investigation should continue and in my opinion this is homophobia – but even beyond homophobia.

  4. Nelson G says:

    Agreed; but I believe that it should be noted that this was once considered a right of passage. I remember being upset by the experience; I didn't talk to my dad for a good 25 years after that. Had it not been for my brothers wedding, it perhaps would be longer.

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