Stupid Things People Say About Gays: The Prop 8 Trial Series, Part 3

Stupid Things People Say About Gays: The Prop 8 Trial Series, Part 3

January 13, 2010 Featured Stupid Things People Say About Gays 0

San Francisco Deputy City Attorney Therese Stewart took the stage in the Proposition 8 trial this afternoon with a redirect examination of Yale Professor Chauncey.  During the examination, Ms. Stewart asked Professor Chauncey to read from a Vatican statement regarding same-sex marriage.  These are the words of the Vatican:

Allowing children being adopted by gay couples would do violence to these children.  Their condition of dependency would stunt their full human development.

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, between 8 million and 10 million children are currently being raised in gay and lesbian families.  Some studies indicate that an estimated two million GLB people are interested in adopting children.  If all of those interested were able to adopt children and did so, homes would be had for TWO MILLION homeless or orphaned children.  That’s a lot of kids.

Further, an estimated 4% of all adopted children in the United States are adopted by gay or lesbian parents.  Considering numerous states in the U.S. have laws against such adoption, imagine the flood of homes that could be provided should all states recognize same-sex marriage and cease discriminating against same-sex couples during adoptions.  The social benefit would be overwhelming.

Of course, the issue raised by the Vatican is that the 8 – 10 million children that are being raised by gay or lesbian parents have been stunted from reaching their full human development.  This argument has the same ugly ring to it as the argument recently made by a Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to perform a marriage ceremony for an interracial couple because he is concerned for the welfare of their offspring since interracial children are not accepted by society.  Apparently, this Justice of the Peace is wholly unaware of the United States President’s ethnicity.

Of course, we all know that Ally Sheedy turned out terribly.  The actress didn’t live up to her potential at all thanks to her lesbian mother, Charlote.  In fact, her youth was so wasted, that she didn’t start performing until the age of 15!!!  Had her mother been a heterosexual, perhaps things would have been better for Ally and she would have started performing at a very young age, as did Jon-Benet Ramsey, the child of heterosexual parents.

We also know from history that King Charles I of England didn’t live up to his potential either.  After all, he was only King of England, not like he became “Pope” or something more wholesome.  Perhaps had his father and grandfather not been “queer” he would have gone on to be Emperor of the World instead of just “King of England.”

And lets not forget Curtis Jackson.  We all know that he was completely stiffled from growing up and living a productive life.  I for one am not going to tell him that he hasn’t fully developed as a human, though.  Of course, the Vatican may not be familiar with the name Curtis Jackson – perhaps we should tell them his more commonly known name, 50 Cent (or as I like to call him, silver change).  What would have become of 50 Cent if he had heterosexual parents?  Perhaps he would have become a country-western singer instead, eh?

There is some truth to what the Vatican argues – history does show us that the children of gay and lesbian people often suffer a terrible fate.

For example, Alexander Aegus, the son of Alexander the Great, was murdered by Cassader… by the Vatican’s standard, this was because of his homo-dad, not a struggle for power.

There’s also the late, great Dorothy Dandridge, whose life was so tragically cut short by an accidental overdose of Imipramine at only 42 years old.  This is obviously a result of her mother having been a lesbian.

The point here isn’t that children of LGBT people are better than children of straight people.  The point is that the children, like all children, develop independently of their parent’s sexual orientation, some for better, some for worse.  There is no correlation between greatness and parental sexual orientation.

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