The Book of Ghinedu: Prostituion and Papal Hypocrisy

The Book of Ghinedu: Prostituion and Papal Hypocrisy

March 4, 2010 Featured Religion 2

Papal Gay Sex Scandal and HypocrisyThe following is inspired by the recent gay sex scandal of the Roman Catholic Church – or more specifically, of the papal house. It was recently revealed that a member of the house was actively seeking male prostitutes – not to save their souls, but to lay with them as they say we should lay with woman.  You may recognize some of the phrases below from the Book of Job, chosen because that book dealt with Job’s struggles with Satan which I feel has an interesting metaphorical relationship with the LGBTQ’s community struggle with (and within) the Catholic church.  For the “story” of the sex scandal, I encourage you to read this post at

The Book of Ghinedu (the Choir Boy).

Now there was a day when the choir boy, Ghinedu, at the Vatican called upon the prostitutes of the land to present themselves before the papal houseman but hypocrisy came also among them.

And the papal houseman said unto Ghinedu, “Whence bringest us our homosexuals so that we may lay with them before condemning them?” Then Ghinedu answered the papal house, and said, “From going to and fro I have found the men you have requested to lay with and go down upon them.”

And the papal houseman said unto Ghinedu, “Thou hast done well in the eyes of our hypocrisy and we shall pay thee well for thy services,” and the papal houseman considered those that were brought and chose the perfect and an upright man, one that liketh being on top and would remain silent?

But the investigators were listening and exposed the hypocrisy, saying unto the Vatican, “How doest thou continually commit the sin while damning the sinner?” But the Vatican hath no answer and delivered unto the investigators more hypocrisy by the work of their blooded hands.

It was the same whence the homosexuals had put forth their hand and asked unto the Vatican, “Doest thou not realize they words are causing us death ?” And the Vatican responded to those that are the homsoexuals, “Thy face and they hands are cursed and thou shalt never touch all that he hath.”

But the Vatican was not speaking of the Lord “he” but instead of the prostitute he and touched him only after paying the man with gold given to them by the congregation. And the homosexuals said, “You’ve got to be f-ing kidding me.”

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  1. Penelope says:

    Why I'm not surprised?

  2. Ed-M says:

    Neither shocked, nor surprised, but enjoying the scadenfreude — util I remember that their words cause us death.

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