Stupid Things People Say About Gays: Mississippi isn’t Burning – It’s Flaming

Stupid Things People Say About Gays: Mississippi isn’t Burning – It’s Flaming

March 11, 2010 Featured Stupid Things People Say About Gays 1

School board members in Fulton, Mississippi have taken a harsh stance against girls dating girls.  On February 5, 2009, the school board circulated a memorandum stating that same-sex couples will not be allowed to attend prom, in direct violation of legal protections against discrimination.  Constance McMillen, however, wanted to take another girl to the prom as her date.  She then met with the assistant principal and the district superintendent but was told that, under no circumstances would she be allowed to bring another girl to the prom, and if she showed up and her presence made the other students “uncomfortable”, she would be thrown out.

This little act by the school board alone isn’t surprising.  School have fought and lost this battle repeatedly.  The difference here is that the school decided that, since a publicly funded institution can’t legally discriminate against people, it would just cancel prom altogether.  Here’s the best part – supporters of the districts discriminatory policies are claiming that Constance, not the school, has ruined it for everyone.

In one comment on parent dish, user charlotteofthebarbarycoast had this to say:

I think that the offensive thing is how this girl has decided to make her political statement at a Senior Prom and ended up ruining it for everyone else. *** If this dumb girl had any brains, she would have asked 2 of her homosexual male friends to double date with her and her tuna, and they could have just gone to the prom. Instead, she decided to make a national incident out of it, and now people all over the country are at odds trying to decide what is right, while the rest of her classmates are having one of their important memories tainted by this one inconsiderate child’s self made problem.

I can’t help but wonder how much in taxes charlotteofthebarbarycoast would pay in order to support a public institution that denied her the right to participate in that institutions events.  Those supporting the school district have all but ignored two very basic facts: (1) Constance is a student at the school; and (2) LGBT people pay taxes (often at a higher rate than married heterosexual persons) and those taxes fund schools.

Further, Constance didn’t ruin anything for anyone, the school board ruined it.  Constance is merely attempting to enjoy the same “important memories” that other students are allowed to make.  So charlotteofthebarbarycoast, I think that the offensive thing is how you and your cohorts have decided that your precious memories are more important than the precious memories of others.

Your ego, by the way, is a sin… Bitch.

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  1. Brianna says:

    I came across this column while googling for sites with similar content to my tumblr. I just had to call this girl out, too. Thanks for bringing absurd comments to people's attention.

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