VIDEO: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Protests Interrupt Obama Fundraising – Dan Choi and Others in Chains Again

VIDEO: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Protests Interrupt Obama Fundraising – Dan Choi and Others in Chains Again

April 20, 2010 DADT Featured 2

GetEQUAL activists interrupted President Barack Obama during a speech designed to raise funds for California Senator Barbara Boxer’s re-election campaign.  The group shouted for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the U.S. Military’s policy prohibiting openly gay soldiers from serving this country.

President Obama attempted to regain control of the speech and stay on topic, by acknowledging the group, then returning to endorsements for Senator Boxer.  Early on during the interruption, Obama states:

I don’t know why you have to holler, we already hear you.

Thereafter, Obama continually advises the group that he supports the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell, but again reiterates his inquiry:

Barbara and I are supportive of a repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, so I don’t know why you are hollering.

But support doesn’t equate to action, and therein lies the problem.

In what is becoming typical fashion for GetEQUAL organizers, bicoastal events were held.  The day after the group interrupted Obama in Los Angeles, Dan Choi, Autumn Sandeen and 4 others chained themselves to the the gates of the White House [photo by David Mailloux of dymsum]:

Repeal DADT GetEQUAL: Protestors outside of the White House

CNN has some video footage of the chained veterans available here.

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2 Responses

  1. Victoria says:

    I was at the Boxer/Obama event and the DADT screamers were very rude and did nothing to advance the cause of DADT. They alienated people who had paid and waited and were excited to see the President and Senator Boxer. In fact, some people were certain that the protesters were actually Log Cabin Republicans out to spoil the event.

  2. SD9 says:

    Victoria, thank you for your correspondence about what was thought of by participants of the event. I, for one, am glad that people are standing up for the rights (non-rights actually) of a demographic that is no longer remaining 'quiet and in the closet..' Protest are not usually exhibited in a whimpery-way. Shouts, disruption and cheers are more of the norm. Although I will say that I am sorry to you and the other ticket holders to the event, however think for a moment how much angst, hurt, anger, etc. the protesters must have for a law that is discriminatory to soldiers who are Americans. That might be gay. But don't say anything because you will be honorably discharged and can't find a job anywhere. If Obama is in favor of repelling DODT, why doesn't he? His speeches are more and more like the Facebook fan page that is named as such: Yes We Can has turned into Yes we could but let me tell you why that is impossible. Protest need to happen with DOMA at Congress too.

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