Biphobia and Discrimination from within the LG…b…t… Community.

Biphobia and Discrimination from within the LG…b…t… Community.

April 21, 2010 Commentary Featured Thought of the Gay 0

Stand Tall, Play Ball (unless your bisexual)Not enough thought is given to attitudes of lesbian and gay people toward our bisexual community members.  In fact, many times our own community turns against the “B” and sends them out, tail between their legs.  While some biphobia translates into small slights against individuals, such as the incident discussed with Drea on Closet Talk, others ring more fully and show the issue in full light.

After a team from San Francisco finished second in the Gay Softball World Series two years ago, a complaint was filed by an opposing team because three of the San Francisco team-members were not “gay.”  The team members identify as bisexual.  Upon consideration of the issue, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (“NAGAAA”) ruled that the teammates were “non-gay” and stripped the team of their second place victory.

A lawsuit has now been filed against NAGAAA by the men claiming that the action was discrimination.  In response, NAGAAA has claimed that the men were not illegally discriminated against as NAGAAA is a private organization that can determine its membership.

While it may be true that no illegal discrimination occurred, this is a blatant act of discrimination.  Further, the organizing documents of the NAGAAA have no prohibitions against bisexual team members, but the documents do specifically allow for up to two heterosexual team members per roster.

Please take a stand against discrimination of our bisexual community members and contact NAGAAA board members and advise them that such acts are not only unconscionable, but are counterproductive to the cause of equality for all persons.

The following lists the Board of Directors and their contact information:

Roy Melani

Chris Balton
Assistant Commissioner

Jim Young

Jerry Travis

Gary Carter
Business Development Director

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