SAPD Admits Murder of Troy Martinez Clattenburg Was a Hate Crime (Finally).

SAPD Admits Murder of Troy Martinez Clattenburg Was a Hate Crime (Finally).

April 14, 2010 Featured Hate Crimes LGBT News Uncategorized 7

Troy Martinez ClattenburgAs previously reported here, Troy Martinez Clattenburg of San Antonio, Texas, was shot in the back of the head.  His murderer, Cody Carmichael, confessed to shooting Troy because Troy allegedly made sexual advances toward Cody.  During the investigation, Detective Cardenas of the San Antonio Police Department continually denied that Troy’s murder was a hate crime and stated that it was not being investigated as such.  In fact, when Troy’s sister, Ginger Hicks, inquired further, Detective Cardenas stated that just because Troy was gay and murdered, doesn’t mean it was a hate crime.

While it is true that a gay person can be murdered without bias or prejudice being the motivator, the murderer’s own confession seems to tell the truth of this situation.  Troy was murdered because he was a gay man.  But Troy was much more than just a homosexual, he was a brother, a friend and a son with a family who loved him enough to speak out about what had happened to Troy and demand answers from the police department.

In a closed meeting yesterday afternoon, Troy’s mother and other members of his family sat with three Deputy Chiefs of the San Antonio Police Department, including Jose Banales, and Dr. J. Lynne Armstrong of the Texas Police Officers Training Corp.  Upon inquiry, the deputy chiefs readily admitted that Troy’s murder was a hate crime, a revelation that came as a shock to his distraught family who had been continually advised otherwise without a reasonable explanation.  In fact, my own inquiries and those of other media persons found similar results.  This change of tone of the San Antonio Police Department came just days before the pre-indictment hearing of Cody Carmichael, who was released from prison 3 days after his confession on $100,000.00 bond.

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7 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    I am so glad there finally is a little bit more justice to Troy's tragic death! I can't wait to know this man is behind bars!

  2. melissa says:

    I am so happy to hear that there is justice being done.

  3. Sandra says:

    I have known Troy's sister for years. She is one of the finest people I know. This will be a family who stands by and up for this son, brother, uncle and all around good person. We will all be watching and praying for justice and some peace for this family.
    Cody Carmichael murdered a good person and will pay the price (hopefully through our justice system) in the end .

  4. James Paul says:

    I can't believe this animal, Cody Carmichael, was released on bond. At least it will be tried as a hate crime. Now, to find a jury of non-homophobic jurors.

  5. gene willis says:

    yes,open mindedness in this liberal country is hard to find.making a jurors decission on the case as it is presented is diffacult.examing all the evadence for this case can be draining.putting the puzzel together to make the case fit.determaning which facts are more important,like male or feamale,human or non-human,regardless of life style,this person was exacuted.a hate crime making decission isnt the topic,what is is whit this killer did to another human being,and that is murder without reason.

  6. nicki apostolow says:

    troy is a light of love and it made me sad to see websites that had that stranger’s face (murderer) next to troy’s because it really takes away from troy’s beauty. he was a champion of friends and a wonderful christian brother.

  7. Dave says:

    If a woman kills a man after he makes unwanted passes and advances on her, it is called justice. You sure you want equal rights?

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