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Anti-Gay, Anti-Worker Hyatt Gets Support from HRC San Antonio Chapter

May 19, 2010 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

HRC and MoneyZONKERS!!!! Imagine my surprise when I opened my email box and discovered a tip advising me that the San Antonio Chapter of the Human Rights Campaign is holding its Gala and Silent Auction at the Grand Hyatt Riverwalk in San Antonio.  On the Facebook event page, the Chapter makes this statement:

The Gala will be held on October 23rd at the brand new and beautiful Grand Hyatt on the RiverWalk! Your dinner co-chairs will host a Happy Hour there soon. Stay tuned for details!

While I have often criticized the HRC, I’ve generally been a staunch supporter of my local chapter (the San Antonio Chapter).  The members of the San Antonio Chapter are much more than just “HRC” and do a lot of great work in our community.

However, this time, I can’t find any excuse for their actions in spite of trying real hard to save face.  If I were Joe Solomenese and headed a multi-million dollar organization making $300,000.00 per year, I might just book myself a first class ticket to San Antonio to personally shred the chapters charter.  Then again, I might just find myself sitting next to my pool sipping a mojito while cabana boys fan me instead.

Don’t get caught in a bad hotel!

If you are not familiar with the boycott of Hyatt (and other anti-gay/anti-worker hotels), please check out sleepwiththerightpeople.org and hotelworkersrising.org.

The Gala will be held on October 23rd at the brand new and beautiful Grand Hyatt on the RiverWalk! Your dinner co-chairs will host a Happy Hour there soon. Stay tuned for details!

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3 Comments to “Anti-Gay, Anti-Worker Hyatt Gets Support from HRC San Antonio Chapter”

  1. Daniel Graney says:

    Hey Jay!

    I knew that the HRC San Antonio Steering Committee was heading in this direction, despite pleas from one of its members against the Grand Hyatt because of its union-busting tactics in the past and yet unresolved union organizing status. HRC might argue with you and Cleve Jones that the Grand Hyatt is "anti-gay" since the Hyatt Hotels Corporation has received a 100% rating on HRC's Corporate Equality Index. Yet, LGBT and Labor are joing forces to pass both ENDA and EFCA in Congress and for HRC Local to ignore the labor issues at this place is a huge slap in the face to our coalition partner.

    • Thanks Dan. Hyatt Corporate does have a great score from the HRC. I'm of the opinion that their lack of condemnation of money's donated in the Hyatt name (Manchester's Grand Hyatt) for Proposition 8 should take significantly from that 100% mark.

      Regardless of the "anti-gay" issue, a clear line was drawn because of the union-busting tactics and I'm shocked that the venue isn't being changed. An error, I can understand, but once it had clearly been pointed out to them some time ago, I would have hoped they would seriously reconsider. When they did not, it's a problem. Perhaps they can give some of the money they raise to the worker's union in retribution for their sin.

      HRC has long been accused of being an elitist organization with high-priced fund raisers putting it out of touch with the non-economically well-off LGBT people (the workers that are boycotting, for example). I can't count how many people have told me that they volunteer for HRC events because they can't afford to go to the events otherwise. This is a real problem within the organization and in many ways, booking the Grand Hyatt seems to be a slap in the face to those that otherwise want to help and be involved (but cannot financially afford to do so). We have an amazing resource available that HRC is not tapping – our people. They are ready, they are willing and they are looking for leadership – too bad they can't afford it.

      I do hope HRC San Antonio will reconsider its choice of venue, but that's probably like spitting in the wind considering they're already lining up to defend the decision.

  2. To clarify and rebut – as a person formerly with Hyatt, I'm proud to have been a part of change for our GLBT associates as well as working with Hyatt to redefine family to include the nuclear family of a domestic partner for bereavement, transgendered policies to support our trans employees amongst others.

    The statement above is totally incorrect in terms of Hyatt writing a check – they didn't – Mr. Manchester who is the real estate and building owner wrote the check. He, nor Hyatt report to each other, other than the business dealings of the real estate investment.

    While no longer with Hyatt, I stand by them as a company who do treat GLBT employees with dignity and grace. I do however, caution and throw my personal comment into the wind.. that its interesting that a Union 'really' wants 'more' from a very particular hotel – and uses a GLBT cause as its 'beard'… they probably wear lavendar ties on THursdays as well…