Texas GOP’er John Cornyn to Attend Gay Fundraiser

Texas GOP’er John Cornyn to Attend Gay Fundraiser

July 31, 2010 Featured Thought of the Gay 2

John Cornyn - Senator for TexasJohn Cornyn, the junior Senator from Texas with a staunchly anti-gay voting record, has announced that he will attend a fundraiser held by the Log Cabin Republicans, whose mission is to support “fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans.”  The Senator is in charge of getting Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate.

Although Cornyn is a U.S. Senator, he’s still a republican from Texas.  The Texas Republican Party, in their official platform, have called for re-enactment of the Texas Sodomy Law, which was also known as the Homosexual Conduct Law and would result in criminalizing gay sex.  The platform also seeks felony penalties for civil officials who perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples.  The Platform caused LGBT rights activists to protest republican events in Texas earlier this month.

Cornyn’s decision to accept the invitation, in this bloggers opinion, is likely to mitigate damages caused to the Texas Republicans because of the platform; however, LGBT people make now mistake, in spite of this move, Texas’ Republicans aren’t going to save us from inequality.  In fact, Cornyn, and the overwhelming majority of republicans, are opposed to marriage equality, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the firing of LGBT people based solely on their sexual orientation.  Cornyn, in response to inquiries about his acceptance offered this as one reason for attending:

I don’t want people to misunderstand and think that I don’t respect the dignity of every human being regardless of sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, Cornyn’s definitions of respect and dignity doesn’t include providing every human being equal opportunity and treatment under the law, a lesson Cornyn and his fellow Texas Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, have yet to learn.

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2 Responses

  1. DeeG says:

    I have to agree, Texas republicans are not my favorite republicans, but Cornyn even attending this event is a win. Republicans in general are just like everyone else, they need to be educated and know real live LGBT people. I'm a Log Cabin Republican and as such I have had the chance to change a few minds. I don't agree with all aspects of republican politics and have voted democratic and independent when issues warranted. I think as a community we have to work from the inside and the outside of all political parties to change the laws of the land. I don't look to any party to "save us from inequality", I am not a victim to be saved, I am a fighter to be victorious.

  2. Louise Trainham says:

    What is wrong with you people??
    In 2014 how are you going to tax and force people to purchase health insurance. Let’s see:
    Homeless people: how is that going to work?
    People in prison: how is that going to work?
    People who financially live on the edge: buy food or buy insurance.
    Let the IRS confiscate people’s property if they don’t buy insurance – lots of people don’t own property.
    Quit passing bills that are so large no one READS them. STOP THE MADNESS

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