NOM Bus Driver Signs Up for Marriage Equality Counter-Protest

NOM Bus Driver Signs Up for Marriage Equality Counter-Protest

July 21, 2010 Camp Gay Featured 5

So, does everyone know who Louis Marinelli is by now?  He’s the National Organization for Marriage’s bus driver/head propagandist during their little 19-state “One Man, One Woman” anti-marriage tour.  It’s been going swimmingly for the NOMbies thus far, if his blog is to be believed; which it isn’t.

Nope, the real story with him today is something much more sordid, bizarre, and amusing.  Check out this screenshot taken from the event page  for the “Protect” Marriage Counter-Protest in Columbus Ohio:
NOM Marriage Tour - A Change of Heart?

Yep, that’s everyone’s favorite blogging bigot bus boy, signed up to join the good guys for a round of sign-waving, chanting, and what-have-you, all in the interests of repudiating his employers’ message of intolerance and hatred.  Far be it for me to offer any conjecture as to his motivations for this, but you must admit that it is a mighty interesting turn of events.  With friends like that, who needs enemies?  Am I right, NOM?

Michael Vernon Hunt is a glam rocking demi-hermit who thoroughly enjoys rocking any and all boats, even though he can’t swim.  He is a co-organizer of the Columbus anti-NOM gathering and an avid follower of all things activist-y.  In his spare time, he enjoys indulging in such geekery as organizing his digital music collection and overdosing on horror flicks.

A note from Jay: When I stumbled upon this, I got more laughs than one should.  I couldn’t resist sharing it and with Michael’s persmission, I present it here.  Thanks for the laughs, Michael (or should we be thanking NOM for the easy fodder?).

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5 Responses

  1. Micahel Vernon Hunt says:

    NOM is always good for the easy fodder. I do like it when they inspire laughter instead of rage, though.

  2. Michael Vernon Hunt says:

    Checked this morning, and he has taken himself off of our list. Do you think he realized he'd been noticed?

  3. Christopher Mongeau says:

    Adding your name to an event list on Facebook ensures you receive updates etc from the event. It might have just been an easy way for him to keep track of the planning and what's being said. There are more than a few Pro Marriage Equality folk who are "likers" of Louis' Facebook page, for the same reason (and to post comments).

  4. Jude says:

    He's tracking all the counter protests. And collecting names. Protest Marriage already posted that they are writing down the names of all the evil homosexual activists. I have the screen shot and will send it to you.

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