Stupid Things People Say About Gays – Anti-Gay Pastor James Manning Admits Homosexual Fantasies?

Stupid Things People Say About Gays – Anti-Gay Pastor James Manning Admits Homosexual Fantasies?

November 8, 2010 Featured Stupid Things People Say About Gays 0

James Manning, a Pentecostal minister in New York who is no stranger to controversial statements, recently recorded a rant in which he interpreted God’s loving words as follows:

It is time now for those of us who know the truth to stand up and push back against this homosexual lesbianly LGBT agenda, and those are the correct alphabet.  It is time for us to stand up and declare that homosexuality is not normal, it is abnormal.  That it is an aborition.  That it does not fit the nature called. It does not fit any place within the universe.  It is a perversion of humanity, homosexuality is.  We also need to know that biblically, whether you are a biblical subscriber or not, have understood that homosexuality is not only a sin and there’s a remedy for sin,but homosexuality, homosexual activity perversion goes beyond the definition of sin and has been described by the holy spirit in the bible as an ab… abomination, that is to say that it is so wicked before the eyes of God that he is not readily with a remedy of forgiveness for those that commit such an abomination.  That it is below the caliber of sin and that is not easily forgiven.
It’s highly unlikely that any member of the LGBT community hasn’t heard a similar speech.  However, Mr. Manning went a step further in his tirade, proving that Shakespeare had it right again, he does protest too much.  In his rant that smelled of a recruitment video for religious extremism, Mr. Manning bluntly admitted to his own homosexual fantasies:
You look at a homosexual couple and you wonder what were they doing last night in the bedroom…
How long do you wonder on it Mr. Manning?  Probably as long as he fantasizes about trashy white people having sex with black people, as stated in an earlier rant:
It is common knowledge that African men, coming from the continent of Africa — especially for the first time — do diligently seek out white women to have sexual intercourse with. Generally the most noble of white society choose not to intercourse sexually with these men. So it’s usually the trashier ones who make their determinations that they’re going to have sex.
Of course, Manning’s recruitment video was his unfortunate attempt at damning homosexuals rather than a coming out video (although if history does indeed repeat itself, watch for him at Man Hunt).  He also stated:
We gotta use strong language, like fag, bulldykers, sodomites, but what they do is they get people’s attention. *** Don’t be afraid to use fag, bulldykers, sodomite. It is not hate.  It isn’t at all.  It isn’t fear either.
But perhaps Manning hit the lowest point when yellow text scrolled the screen stating “toilet= rectum” while he made this statement on the origins of AIDS:
A lot of people say that AIDS was created in the toilet of some homosexual man. That’s were it was created, it wasn’t created in the vagina, but it was created in a man’s toilet and that’s were it came from.”

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