Anti-Transgender Businesses in Texas – List Released

Anti-Transgender Businesses in Texas – List Released

August 11, 2017 activism Discrimination 0

Bathroom discrimination - a okay!Texas Values, an organization which seems to obsess on LGBTQ people and attempts to prohibit them from freely moving in public spaces, has released a PDF of Texas Businesses supporting the so-called “bathroom bill.”  The bills (currently waiting for hearing in the House), by design, are intended to prohibit transgender people from using public restrooms of their actual gender, and requiring them to use bathrooms according to the gender assigned to them on their birth certificate.  To be sure these businesses are identified when searching for them in Google, I’ve compiled the same list in text format (instead of PDF) below.  The original is available via Texas Values‘ website (the full PDF List (Anti-Transgender Businesses) is available here as well):

  • Southwest Office Systems
  • G. R. Birdwell Construction
  • Circle T Ranch
  • Granberry Commercial
  • Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc.
  • KNW Oil & Gas, Inc
  • Community Toyota *Kia* Honda
  • Eagle Peak Shooting Range Garland Public Shooting Range
  • Stotler Feed, LP
  • Kaddatz Auctioneering & Farm Equipment Sales
  • Duncan Automotive
  • Bellomy Heating & Air, Inc.
  • Heritage Legacy Enterprises LLC
  • Alphamed, Inc.
  • The Von Dohlen Knuffke Financial Group, LLC
  • GilCat Solutions
  • The Von Dohlen Knuffke Financial Group, LLC
  • Hawkins Creek Ranch
  • Ranch House Meat Company, LLC
  • Williams Furniture Company
  • Rodenbaugh’s Flooring American & Appliances
  • Cathy Lloyd Music & Speech
  • Hartzheim Petri CPA
  • Gillaspia Signs & Neon, Inc.
  • Kenny Dyess Dairy
  • Robbins Business Development
  • Law Office of Cecilia M. Wood
  • The Bridge Austin
  • Haymond Homes Inc.
  • Tex Christopher Studios
  • The 483 Ranch House

Please consider this fact before doing business with any of those on the list above.  Also note that Kia, Toyota and Honda have been contacted regarding the use of their brand in support of this bill.  As of publication, a response from their corporate offices has not been received.

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