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National Organization for Protection of Marriage to Request Ban on Obese Marriages.

January 15, 2011 By: jaysays Category: Camp Gay, Featured

The National Organization for Protection of Marriage has begun soliciting signatures to convince legislators in all 50 states to ban obese people from marrying. Maggie Gaylaher, the Founder of the group, notes that obesity is the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes and other ailments and thus premature death.

“Children deserve a mother and a father. If either or both are obese, it’s more likely that those children will wind up in a single parent environment and destroy the traditional family,” she said.

Ms. Gaylaher further argues that genetics will predispose the children to obesity, adding a further burden to our already strained health care system.

“This is not what traditional families should look or be like,” she says. “First is obesity, then single parent families. We must put an end to it now before it’s too late.”

So far the group has obtained two signatures, that of Ms. Gaylaher and her husband. 

“Obesity is an epidemic. Society and our schools are  teaching our children that it’s okay to be fat.  This has made it difficult to gain support. Gluttony is a perversion of the laws of nature and a sin according to God.  It should not be accepted or taught in our classrooms.”

Opponents of the proposal from the Human Obesity Campaign released a statement declaring the proposal absurd. Joe Solmaneate, the HOC President told jaysays.com in an exclusive interview, “Over the course of this campaign we will be fighting back. On March 4th, the Human Obesity Campaign will protest this disgusting bid by holding our annual fundraiser, Eat for Equality.”


NOM Bus Driver Signs Up for Marriage Equality Counter-Protest

July 21, 2010 By: Guest Blogger Category: Camp Gay, Featured

So, does everyone know who Louis Marinelli is by now?  He’s the National Organization for Marriage’s bus driver/head propagandist during their little 19-state “One Man, One Woman” anti-marriage tour.  It’s been going swimmingly for the NOMbies thus far, if his blog is to be believed; which it isn’t.

Nope, the real story with him today is something much more sordid, bizarre, and amusing.  Check out this screenshot taken from the event page  for the “Protect” Marriage Counter-Protest in Columbus Ohio:
NOM Marriage Tour - A Change of Heart?

Yep, that’s everyone’s favorite blogging bigot bus boy, signed up to join the good guys for a round of sign-waving, chanting, and what-have-you, all in the interests of repudiating his employers’ message of intolerance and hatred.  Far be it for me to offer any conjecture as to his motivations for this, but you must admit that it is a mighty interesting turn of events.  With friends like that, who needs enemies?  Am I right, NOM?

Michael Vernon Hunt is a glam rocking demi-hermit who thoroughly enjoys rocking any and all boats, even though he can’t swim.  He is a co-organizer of the Columbus anti-NOM gathering and an avid follower of all things activist-y.  In his spare time, he enjoys indulging in such geekery as organizing his digital music collection and overdosing on horror flicks.

A note from Jay: When I stumbled upon this, I got more laughs than one should.  I couldn’t resist sharing it and with Michael’s persmission, I present it here.  Thanks for the laughs, Michael (or should we be thanking NOM for the easy fodder?).