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We Shall Overcome

The Danger of the “Call Out” – Confessions of a Recovering Activist: Part 3

Over time, the word activism has begun to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ve always been fairly certain in my assessment that there is a place for each style of activism, from rebel to reformer…

March 2, 2015 0
Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette was Right – Confessions of a Recovering Activist, Part 2

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook and a world of blogs like this one where people can spout out whatever opinion they have of anyone at any given moment, you probably already heard a bit about the “controversial speech” given by Patricia Arquette at the Academy Awards.

February 23, 2015 1
Trans-Anonymous for Confessions of a Recovering Activist

Confessions of a Recovering Activist: Being That Activist

As it turns out, I’m not a courageous person. Perhaps I successfully managed to create an illusion of courage in my attempts to inspire change.

January 26, 2015 1