Gay Mob Runs Christians out of Castro

Recently, a group of “Christians” were run out of San Francisco’s Castro District by a “Gay Mob”. I love the elevation this story has received in calling it a “gay mob.” Video footage of the incident shows a group of people being escorted by police while a group of homosexuals (and/or those supporting homosexual rights) are chanting things such as “stay out of our neighborhoods if you don’t like us.” Christian right-wing organizations are appalled and outraged that they were not allowed by this mob to express their religious freedom. Well, there’s a taste of your own medicine for you. This incident has inspired this issue of “Stupid Things People Say About Gays”…

November 20, 2008 4

Gays to Burn in Hell and Get F&#$ed

***Content Warning***

Sifting through all the negative stereotypes and idiotic comments regarding gay people has sent me on a path of self discovery. During my quest, I discovered that putting hand warmers in your underwear on a cold night feels really good, I also discovered that there are short winded homophobics in the world.

November 19, 2008 0

Thou Shalt Not Kill – Moses “Teish” Cannon

The small amount of media coverage regarding the murder of Moses “Teish” Cannon has been confusing at best and unremarkable at most. What is known is that Teish, who self-identified as a woman, was murdered in Syracuse, New York on November 16, 2008 after being invited by a family friend to a party. Currently, the only motive reported for the terrible crime is that she was “gay.”

November 18, 2008 3

Hate Wins in California Results in God’s Wrath

Peaceful demonstrations on the part of homosexuals took place all over the country on November 15, 2008. The demonstrations where part of Join the Impact’s National Day of Protest. We must remember that educating our governments people will effectually educate our government.

November 18, 2008 0

Gays Attempting to Redefine Marriage By Nullifying State’s Involvement

Legal definitions have changed tremendously throughout history. Our founders smartly wrote the Constitution and Declaration of Independence so that laws could morph into a working, united, equal system. If legal definitions did not evolve and change, the words “negro” and “colored” would still be used to define “African Americans” by law and the word “property” would still refer to African Americans.

November 17, 2008 1

Join the Impact – National Day of Protest

I hope this momentum lasts in the gay community. A National Day of Protest has been planned for November 15th at 1:30 CT (check here for your here local information).

November 15, 2008 0

Gays Belong on Deserted Islands

In the second post exposing the stupid things people say about gays, we will analyze the following comment: Just like it’s common sense that gay behavior is unnatural. Why can’t we just put all gays on a deserted island and see how long they last? hmon20002000 (28 years old) Let’s start at the beginning, “…gay…
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November 13, 2008 2

Connecticut to Allow Gay Marriages as of Today, November 12, 2008

Today, “Gay Marriage” took a step forward, helping to equalize the standings from the backward step of California’s passage of Proposition 8. Effective today, Connecticut has become state number two in the United States to allow same-sex couples marriage rights; Massachusetts is the only other state to allow for such marriage rights.

November 12, 2008 2

Why Gays Want to Marry Even Though They Can’t Reproduce

With Proposition 8 in the news, people have come out from under their rocks in droves. With that, comes numerous, sometime unintelligible comments on various websites about gay people. Such stereotypes and stupidity have only been fueled by the church. Therefore, I have started a new multi-part series regarding the stupid things people say (or type) about gays.

November 11, 2008 0

Gun Sales High After Obama Election – But Why?

Analysts will argue that the recent spikes in gun sales after an Obama victory are due to gun fanatics fearing that Obama and a Democratic majority Congress will restrict gun laws further. See: Obama election prompts surge in US gun sales | World news | guardian.co.uk. However, could that be the real reason, or is there a deeper?

November 9, 2008 2