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Closet Talk: Candace Metzler and ENDA

September 10, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Closet Talk, Community Outreach, Featured

Closet TalkCandice Metzler lost her job after beginning her transition from man to woman. Her employer was initially fine with the transition, but after clients began taking their business elsewhere after learning of Candice’s transition, the struggling company felt it had no choice but to let Candice go.

Unemployment didn’t take long to scar Candice’s life, leaving her homeless and forcing her to rely on the friends that remained in her life after her coming out.

Candice tells her story in this episode of Closet Talk and explains how employment discrimination impacted her and her family. Although her story is full of tragedy, it is a story is of hope and determination.

Recently, Candice organized a community forum on workplace discrimination against lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender employees. and continues to work toward the passage of an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

2010/2012, The National Equality March & LGBT Priorities.

September 02, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

NEmThe National Equality March is scheduled for October 11-12, 2009 in D.C. I’ve avoided writing about the issue of whether or not the equality march is “good” or “bad” for the community because, on September 9th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Central Time, I will be a guest on Sisters Talk Radio discussing that very issue.

However, time is running out to plan for the march.  We must act now and unite every LGBT activist, blogger and party of interest in declaring their full support of the National Equality March.  We must begin promoting it as if it were the death of a pop icon.  But why?

While California activists are arguing over whether a ballot initiative to overturn Proposition 8 should happen in 2010 or 2012, activists in other states are dealing with something very different – sometimes, literally life or death.

There is still reason to be concerned about having our heads bashed.  Take the case of Steven Harmon of Portage, Michigan as an example.  The 15 year old was recently attacked and beaten by two other teenagers apparently because Harmon had “come out” as gay the week before.  While beating him, the teens repeatedly called him “faggot” and other derogatory anti-gay terms.

Many of us will be dead tomorrow because some yahoo decided it was o.k. to murder a queer.  One of far too many recent examples of this occurred in Northwest Washington only about a week ago and resulted in the death of Nana Boo, a transgender male to female.

Many of us may not have a job tomorrow because our employer decided they don’t like queers.   Tonight on Closet Talk I will be talking with Candice Metzler.  Candice lost her job due to her transition and was unable to find employment.  Ultimately, she found herself homeless.

While many are debating whether or not to proceed with at 2010 ballot initiative and whether or not to support the National Equality March, here in my neck of the woods, we’re still trying to figure out how to keep kids from hanging themselves from the rafters because they are demonized for being “gay.”

We need a national front to help change the lives of the future generations of our people.  If you still don’t support the National Equality March, try walking a mile in a gay or transgender kid’s shoes in Jonesboro, Arkansas where social and legal changes to LGBT equality will likely never occur without involvement from our national government.  After that, you may be singing a different tune.