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A Reminder To Myself: Human Rights Include Everyone.

July 28, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

Atheists for JesusI’ve been reading through a Homophobia and Religion Forum on thinkatheist.com, and felt the need to jot out my thoughts least I forget them – perhaps I’ll need this reference point in the future, although I hope I won’t.

I’m gay, an atheist, and the grandson of a Church of God minister who, in the 40’s/50’s, preached that black people didn’t have souls. It was the Curse of Ham – they weren’t human, were sexually provocative, degraded the good christian society, etc. etc. I remember hearing all of this as a child and thankfully, never bought into it. It made no sense to me.

I also remember talk of the “juke joints” and the sexually provocative nature of those establishments, which later came to represent (at least to those that wished to degrade a segment of the population for their own egotistical purposes) the entire community.

When I tell people about how I was taught to look at black people as a child, they are shocked. Obviously, I don’t feel the same way as my ancestors, although I admit that my understanding of “Black Man 101” is limited by my perceived “whiteness.”

What will we teach our children next? Who will be the next evil doer? Who will be the next class of people to make us feel better about our own failings and desires. Who will we choose to hate next? Muslims perhaps?

I already see a trend now. I regret I’ve even been guilty of it on occasion. We are bashing all those that are “Christian.” We generalize them – they are all Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and *God Forbid* Fred Phelps. Christian is becoming synonymous with “hate” and it is because of a vocal minority within Christianity. I may never understand why people believe in the great puppeteer, but they do. They exist as I exist and for that reason alone, I should defend the group, not attack them.

Perhaps its human nature to need some group of people to belittle. Perhaps its a mechanism designed to protect our own fragile sense of worth. I don’t know. I do hope though, that I will be smart enough, wise enough and kind enough to recognize when it is happening to someone else, and that I will remain strong enough to step forward on their behalf. If I fail, then may I be reminded of all those heroic straight allies who have come to my side to defend my rights and find inspiration in their strength.  I guess I really am an atheist for Jesus.

Christian Right Wingers Claim Gay Friendly Christians to be “Another Religion”

January 13, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Religion

The American Family Association [a group which I’ve always thought to be misleadingly named] is at it again, this time declaring that those that support gay rights and equality are not Christians, have laid down the gospel and essentially created another religion.

The comments made by Jeff Chamblee on AFA Report (January 12, 2009) were spawned by Gene Robinson’s appointment to speak at the Obama Inauguration.

You can’t have an understanding of man that he can simply make up his faith as he goes along… for man to lay that down and say I’m just going to give you something that applies to all men is tantamount to another gospel, another religion that’s completely foreign to the gospel.

As I listened to the audio version of this posted on one of my favorite gay blog sites Good as You, I couldn’t help but think that the AFA has done it again, ostracized more Christians from their “Family Association.”  We all know that many Christians have committed the very same self-serving changes to their religion of which Mr. Chamblee complains.  For example, many Christians I’ve met eat bread which is leavened, have charged or paid interest, worn blended fabrics, acted unjustly, eaten rare steaks, lobster, shrimp or a rack of ribs.  I don’t know any Christians that have not participated in slave trading or sold their daughters nor any that have sacrificed a lamb.

Before hypocritically telling Christians that those who alter the gospel to fit men rather than staying within the confines of scripture, Mr. Chamblee had this to say about Obama’s inauguration:

I am really hurt and broken at what’s happening here because you are seeing played out on the national stage a man who goes under the banner of Christian and carries the name of Christ doing something that is an absolute abomination and doing it with no shame, doing it under the guise of love and mercy and understanding, and we see people being lolled to sleep and hypnotized by this and deceived into the fact that well hey this is just another branch of Christianity this is just another idea.  You know, you cannot carry the name of Christ and have such a misunderstanding of God and his holiness.  [emphasis added]

The most frightening aspect of Mr. Chamblee’s commentary is that he is considered by many to be a man of “God” and thus honest and forthright.  That’s been the real problem in defending ourselves against such religious intolerance and filthy lies – if we call them on their lies, deceit and hypocrisies, many believe we are attacking God and the Church, when in reality, we are defending ourselves from power hungry so-called Christians whose hypocrisy has grown to *cough* Biblical proportions.  People like Mr. Chamblee are the ones deceiving people into believing that they speak true – they are the ones promoting the use of God as a great sword. They have launched a “crusade” against LGBT people and will continue to justify the rapes, beatings and murders of LGBT people under the premise of our blood being on our own hands.  Of course for many of them, while they are fighting so hard, they are tapping their toes in a rest area bathroom or paying male prostitutes to satisfy their own sexual desires.  They then crawl back to their church with their apologies and repentance and suddenly, everything is fine for them – until the next time they are caught.