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See, He’s as Immoral As We Are! Outing Politicians.

August 31, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

bauerHere we go again – as discussed on Joe. My. God, South Carolina’s anti-gay Lt. Governor Andre Bauer has been outed as a gay.  While I often feel a certain level of vindication when anti-gay politicians are outed, and even give a little squeal of joy occasionally, the fact remains that it sets a dangerous precedent.  Essentially, by outing these people, we aren’t saying that “gay is ok” but instead saying that the person is “just as immoral as we are.”

Take a look at some of the comments being made on blogs about the outing and you quickly see that many go immediately toward the “they aren’t as moral as they think they are” soundtrack:

this is hilarious. now the south carolina republican party has to choose between impeaching/forcing mark sanford out of office and raising a closet case to governor…or supporting his attempt to hold on to power, exposing them as moral hypocrites…HA! [emphasis added]

Or how about this one:

Closeted antigay men are making this s— all too easy these past few years.  Don’t accuse a group of people of being immoral when you have no morals yourself.

Now the real immorality and what people are likely talking about is the fact that these people are “hypocrites” – or rather, hypocrisy is the immoral act being committed.  The hypocrisy being that they live as straight men, but seek out gay relationships on the down-low while fighting for discriminatory legislation.  Unfortunately, that’s not the impression given.  The result? Those who are undecided about equality for LGBT people hear us calling ourselves immoral… just like that closeted Lt. Governor.

Another interesting thought revolves around out lesbian Mary Cheney donating $1,000.00 to a politician that does not support marriage equality.  Many LGBT activists and bloggers are criticising Ms. Cheney for her actions, particularly since she is married to someone of the same sex – another form of hypocrisy.  However, why is it that no one is calling out those that actually had relationships with Andre Bauer?  Were they not also contributing to discrimination of our people?  Are they not as guilty as Mary Cheney for supporting anti-LGBT equality?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the best way to get these closeted politicians to speak out is to stop giving them man-love people – we need a sex boycott.