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Why Not a Federal Challenge for Gay Rights?

May 28, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Thought of the Gay

Gay RightsI don’t begin to understand all the nuances and legal ramifications of the Federal Court suits to overturn Proposition 8, but it’s being widely reported that gay rights’ activists are upset over the federal challenge because:

…the move is premature and could be disastrous for the marriage movement. ***…federal courts have not been as friendly to gay rights issues. San Francisco Chronicle

Although I can’t believe I’m about to say this considering I am a “legal professional” by trade and should consider the attitudes of the Court in any decisions that could affect millions of people, but there is a reason federal challenges are necessary.  The reason is emotional, not legal.  They [the right-wing conservatives] have forced the gay community to live in fear long enough.  If we are afraid of what “might happen” should we challenge the right-wing to give us the rights we deserve, we are forgetting what they are doing to us!  Personally, I’ve lived in fear long enough and I’m not going to continue to be afraid of what they can do to me so much that I let them continue to do what they are already doing to me.

So, if you ask this gay rights’ advocate if we should challenge Prop 8 federally, the response you will receive is: We should challenge it at the city level, the county level, the state level, the federal level and most importantly at the social level.

The Dorothy Effect

November 08, 2008 By: jaysays Category: LGBT News, Marriage Equality

Yesterday while on my afternoon commute, I was considering the passage of California’s Proposition 8 and the recent media frenzy over the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency.  I couldn’t figure out how Proposition 8 could have passed and how, for the first time in the history of the United States, voters voted to remove a civil right already provided.  Then, it hit me.

The Dorothy Effect –  The Dorothy Effect shall heretofore be the gay equivalent of the Bradley effect.  Voter’s took to the booth and, in its sanctuary, voted Yes for Proposition 8 while publicly proclaiming that the land of the free and the home of the brave treats all men equally in the eyes of the law.  This is the only explanation for the election outcome.

That’s at least the excuse I’m making in order to continue to be proud of my countrymen for the overwhelming support of Barack Obama.  That’s the rationale I’m using in an effort to regain my sense of humor… and in the spirit of united-ness, I would like to offer you my interpretation of why November 5, 2008 was likely one of the greatest moments in American history:

That evening, I was channel flipping.  From Fox to CNN to MSNBC – anything to avoid a commercial.  Cameras kept panning the crowd at Grant Park, a crowd overwhelmed with emotion and hope.

That crowd consisted of both black and white and the most remarkable thing about the entire evening… not one white man checked to make sure he still had his wallet.

Remember to laugh hard, even when its hard to laugh.

Now let’s hope that the news stations get over Wardrobe Gate quickly and Sarah Palin is never heard from again on the National scale.