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Closet Talk: The Science of Sexuality.

On last night’s Closet Talk, jaysays.com contributor and all around brilliant biologist, Jude, joined me to discuss the change of heart by the American Phychiatric Association (“APA”) as to the “Gay Gene.” Many conservative sites have been reporting that the APA says there is no gay gene, but that’s not right – they aren’t saying there is no gay gene, only that no evidence is pointing to a single factor or factors contributing to one being “gay” or not.

Take about 30 minutes out of your life to listen to the show and learn about the nuances of genetics, what the APA really meant and what, if any, biological factors influence sexual orientation (and left handedness).

June 25, 2009 0

What if Science Told you Your Child Would be Gay?

One of the blogs I follows, itisalwaystoday.blogspot.com, is written by a molecular biologist, self proclaimed hippy, heterosexual gay-activist that I’ve come to admire and respect very deeply. Recently, she discussed the potential for science to find a “gay” gene in her blog post, “Is Being Gay A Birth Defect? What if We Could Treat It?”

April 23, 2009 4

Additional Research finds Gayness Biological

I went through the article published by San Jose Mercury News several times hoping I fit the mold for homosexuality – could I pass the gay litmus test? I did not want to find that I did not have any of the characteristics of “things that make you gay.” The article stated, compared to their heterosexual counterparts, gay men are more likely…

December 1, 2008 0