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Stupid Things People Say About Gays – Anti-Gay Pastor James Manning Admits Homosexual Fantasies?

November 08, 2010 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Stupid Things People Say About Gays

James Manning, a Pentecostal minister in New York who is no stranger to controversial statements, recently recorded a rant in which he interpreted God’s loving words as follows:

It is time now for those of us who know the truth to stand up and push back against this homosexual lesbianly LGBT agenda, and those are the correct alphabet.  It is time for us to stand up and declare that homosexuality is not normal, it is abnormal.  That it is an aborition.  That it does not fit the nature called. It does not fit any place within the universe.  It is a perversion of humanity, homosexuality is.  We also need to know that biblically, whether you are a biblical subscriber or not, have understood that homosexuality is not only a sin and there’s a remedy for sin,but homosexuality, homosexual activity perversion goes beyond the definition of sin and has been described by the holy spirit in the bible as an ab… abomination, that is to say that it is so wicked before the eyes of God that he is not readily with a remedy of forgiveness for those that commit such an abomination.  That it is below the caliber of sin and that is not easily forgiven.
It’s highly unlikely that any member of the LGBT community hasn’t heard a similar speech.  However, Mr. Manning went a step further in his tirade, proving that Shakespeare had it right again, he does protest too much.  In his rant that smelled of a recruitment video for religious extremism, Mr. Manning bluntly admitted to his own homosexual fantasies:
You look at a homosexual couple and you wonder what were they doing last night in the bedroom…
How long do you wonder on it Mr. Manning?  Probably as long as he fantasizes about trashy white people having sex with black people, as stated in an earlier rant:
It is common knowledge that African men, coming from the continent of Africa — especially for the first time — do diligently seek out white women to have sexual intercourse with. Generally the most noble of white society choose not to intercourse sexually with these men. So it’s usually the trashier ones who make their determinations that they’re going to have sex.
Of course, Manning’s recruitment video was his unfortunate attempt at damning homosexuals rather than a coming out video (although if history does indeed repeat itself, watch for him at Man Hunt).  He also stated:
We gotta use strong language, like fag, bulldykers, sodomites, but what they do is they get people’s attention. *** Don’t be afraid to use fag, bulldykers, sodomite. It is not hate.  It isn’t at all.  It isn’t fear either.
But perhaps Manning hit the lowest point when yellow text scrolled the screen stating “toilet= rectum” while he made this statement on the origins of AIDS:
A lot of people say that AIDS was created in the toilet of some homosexual man. That’s were it was created, it wasn’t created in the vagina, but it was created in a man’s toilet and that’s were it came from.”

NOTE: For more of the column, Stupid Things People Say About Gays, click here.

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God has Spoken… to me

January 12, 2010 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

Atheists for JesusAs many regular readers know, I’m an atheist; therefore, when I say this, please don’t take it lightly.  It was after much contemplation that I decided to go public with this very personal moment in my life. Tonight, I spent many hours in the kitchen working on making some candy.  It’s a long process and messy – so the clean up often takes as long as the making.  Thereafter, I was a bit tired and stepped outside for some fresh air.  I began thinking hard about things in the world – the economy, marriage equality, the criminal trial against the cop that beat Duanna Johnson, and other things relevant.

It was then that God spoke to me.  I’m not sure why I was chosen, but after much consideration, there is no logical explaination for what occured other than it was the voice of God.  While it isn’t freezing outside, it is chilly; however, a warm wash came over me and I began to see a light – slowly growing brighter and brighter.  Then the voice came through, clear and in English (not some weird tongue).  At these moments, one would expect something extraordinarily profound, perhaps even a burning bush or two, but that was not the experience at all.  Instead, it was simply a kind, warm voice.  God spoke only one word, “Now.”

Either God wished to promote the National Organization for Women, or there is a message in that word.  I haven’t discovered the message yet, but I hope to.


All that being said, I now wonder how many of you are thinking, “Jay has lost his mind.”  If that is what you are thinking, you may be right – or perhaps, I’m destined to become a prophet…

or perhaps, I’m lying.

How would you know if God spoke to me?  You’d simply have to take my word for it, wouldn’t you?  Just like we take the word of Moses, or the word of Joseph Smith who founded the Mormon Church a scant 180 years ago, or even the word of Maggie Gallagher, the founder of the National Organization for [Heterosexual Only] Marriage.

So why don’t you believe me?

Of course, God didn’t speak to me.  God has never spoken his word to my ears.  I’m either not worthy, or there is no God.  But those that fight hard against same-sex couple and invoke his words likely haven’t spoken to God either.  In fact, any that claim a direct link to God would likely either be considered “crazy” or a “liar”.  What changed in the past 180 years since the founding of the Mormon church that made us stop believing that humans can speak directly to God or angels?

I suppose the right wing would argue that the gays are to blame for that, too.

Goodnight, and God speed… or is that speak.

There was a Time when Jesus Tried to Kill Me

December 03, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Religion

Little Ole MeI first started begging for death at 14 years old.  Oddly, the same thing that led me down the path to pleading for death was the very thing that saved my life – religion.  I knew what was considered a “sin” by the church (which in my family amounted to anything other than being miserable): no shorts for men, no haircuts for women, no playing cards, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no sex until marriage, no jewelry other than a wedding ring, no cussing, no taking of one’s own life (or the lives of others) and don’t forget to say your prayers.  It seemed there were so many things I wasn’t allowed to do without being damned for all eternity.  But there was one thing no one told me – homosexuality is a sin.  This oversight was likely due to the fact that sex was never mentioned in church or otherwise.

I knew though, from society, that being a queer or a sissy was bad.  That fact was echoed every time my older brother’s friends decided they wanted to play a game of “Smear the Queer,” which translated into, “Beat the hell out of Jay.”  It’s important to note that I was not taught religion at a church so much as I was taught religion from my family.  On visits to my evangelical family, church was always on the agenda.  I did embrace the Bible (KJV), Jesus, God and even angels.  I had convinced myself that I had a set of guardians (the angelic ones) watching out for me and no matter what happened, no harm would come of me.  I prayed several times a day, faithfully studied Bible text and occasionally put a televangelist on the TV to listen to the gospel [music that is].

That’s how it happened.  I was flipping channels and stopped on a televangelist.  The music was the first thing to catch my attention, then the preacher began to speak, “Man shall not lie with man as he does a woman, the Bible says it, folks.”  His words were followed by a splash screen reading: LEV. 18:22.  I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my blue bound Bible with my name in silver letters embossed on the cover, a gift from my aunt.  It took seconds for me to find Lev. 18:22 and read the text:

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

I didn’t bother reading 18:21 or 18:23.  I stood there in shock.  I had been trained that preachers don’t lie, that the Bible was the inerrant word of God and every detail of it should be followed letter by letter.

I spent the next several days tormenting myself over that quote.  Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet yet and asking someone about it would be like telling them that I’m a queer.  It was better not to speak of these things and pray away the sin.

But it wasn’t working.  I found my thoughts drifting to a day when I would find my knight in shining armor waiting to take me away and live happily ever after, then switching to darker thoughts and debates about to kill myself with pills or by slicing my wrists.  As days turned into months, the thoughts grew more frequent.  Between daydreaming about my future lover and wondering which method of death would be the simplest, there was no room for other adolescent tasks.  I became increasingly withdrawn until finally, I was near anti-social.  I decided at that point that I had to make a firm decision and stick to it.  My options were: (1) live a life of sin; or (2) kill myself.  But suicide, as mentioned above, was a sin. Regardless of which option I chose, I was doomed to an eternity of hell.

Eventually, I was able to rationalize my doom.  If I chose to kill myself, my eternity in hell would start immediately; however, if I choose to live a life of sin, I could buy myself some time on earth and have a little fun in the process.  You would think at this point that morality would become moot.  If I was going to hell, I might as well lie, cheat, steal and even kill.  But that’s not the way it happened.  In spite of being banished from heaven, I’ve yet to commit any of the major no-no’s.

As I questioned religion, God, Jesus, the Bible and all that I’d been taught, I began educating myself on other religions, other cultures and other beliefs.  I had come out of the closet and was no longer afraid to ask questions.  I asked questions like, “What does your religion say about homosexuals?”  I sought out a religion that agreed with my idea of morality, life and harmony – one where cutting your hair, wearing make up or playing cards was perfectly sinless and considered micromanaging.

Finding a religion that matched my beliefs turned out to be impossible.  While the Wiccan principle of “harm none” was perfect, I found the sacred elements and invocations exhausting and a bit to “Dungeons and Dragons” for my taste.  I really liked bacon at this stage in my life, so becoming Jewish wasn’t an option.  I’d been taught that being Catholic was the worst sin possible and I was too upset with Siddhartha Gautama’s abandonment of his pregnant wife to even consider being a Buddhist! Hinduism was far to exotic to be considered and becoming Muslim seemed like way too much prayer time.

Eventually, my quest for the perfect religion ended when I realized that I was simply regurgitating information being provided to me by leaders of varying faiths, rather than actually believing in any of it.  In fact, I never did believe in any of it – I was just taught it, like being taught to speak.

Religion is a lot like language in that respect.  Depending on who teaches you or where you are, you could speak English, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish or any multitude of differing languages and dialects.  I could have a “southern” accent or a mid-western one – it just depends upon how I was taught.  How is that different from being taught religion?  It’s not.  Religion is as created as language and only has the power and meaning assigned to it from teacher to pupil.  I do not believe that religion is untrue or false any more so than I believe language is untrue or false.  Some accents appeal to us, some do not.  Some religions are appealing, some are not.  The good news is that with enough therapy you can change an accent – or your religion.  One thing that I can’t change is my love for the man I’m lucky enough to have in my life who, unlike religion, has never meant me harm.

Many years have now past since that scared and suicidal queer kid was dismissed from my life.  I’ve since realized that although religion may have saved my life, it first tried to kill me.  I can’t imagine forgiving someone who stabbed me multiple times then sewed up the wounds, so why would I forgive religion for the damage it did to me?  Each time I hear the right wing call out that they are protecting “our children,”  I think of myself as a child and what might have been had I only been able to choose between pills and slit wrists.  I will no longer allow your God to be my burden.

Answering a Call From God: Christians, Atheists and Gays

August 07, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

silenceI sat down the other day and penned “Murder of Gay Youths in Tel Aviv: I’m the One to Blame.” Although many have misconstrued the message to be an apology for “blaming religion” for anti-gay attitudes, it was really a call for us each to take personal responsibility in obtaining social and civil equality.  We need to answer the call from “God” to ensure social and legal equality for all people.

While writing the post, I remembered, if only briefly, the slogan, “Silence = Death.” For those too young to remember, the slogan was about the HIV/AIDS epidemic sweeping the nation and our government remaining silent on the issue as people died.  The slogan was later popularized by the group, ACT UP!  At that time in our history, HIV/AIDS was considered a gay disease, having originally been named, GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency).  While it didn’t take long for society at large to be infected by a virus straights thought they couldn’t “catch,” the damage was already done.  HIV/AIDS was now an epidemic because no one was listening to the cries for help from gay community, no one cared about dead and dying queers.

I sat thinking about that and how the slogan remains applicable today, both in relation to HIV/AIDS and in the murdering of LGBT people in violent actions such as what took place in Tel Aviv. If we remain silent, we die.  We just have to speak up.

This thought train took me somewhere else, to our religious opponents that claim morality is on their side.  They believe they are answering a call from God with their bigotry and intolerance, but I offend by calling them bigots.  They would have you believe that such a term does not apply to them because they condemn the action of being gay, not the person who is gay.  The religious folks have made these sorts of claims in the past – that some group is beneath them, worthless, soulless, sinners and should be ruled by this “Christian God.”

It was then that I had a realization.  Although I’m an atheist and a gay man, I am also answering a call from God because I am responding to their alleged call from God.  There is a certain level of humor in that for me.  It’s very difficult to respond to claims that some deity I don’t believe in dislikes me without just saying, “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy and I don’t believe in God.”  After all, there is no requirement in this country that I believe in the same things that others believe.

But that doesn’t work in talking to our greatest U.S. adversaries, the Christian Reich. They can’t fathom the concept that people believe differently than they do, they can’t handle the fact that the “truth” they are speaking is actually only belief.  I don’t believe that gay is a sin.  In fact, I don’t believe in sin at all.  I believe in right and wrong.  It is wrong to hurt people.  It is wrong to try to rule their lives based on your beliefs.  It is wrong to steal my rights, just as wrong as it is for me to steal yours.  Unlike our Christian opponents, I don’t need a belief in God to do the right thing.  It’s not fear of an eternity in hell that keeps me from murdering people, it’s humanity, compassion, honor, dignity and even morality that stays my hand.

A great thing has swept the nation – perhaps we have Proposition 8 to thank for it – but LGBT people are starting to come together as a true community of people. We must not back down now.  They are wrong and they will not win.  Change is happening, but change needs your help.  Whether your straight or not so straight, you must speak up or we will continue to have our rights denied.  You must find courage in yourself and give courage to others.  We can do this.

Imagine if you will a world where Rosa Parks said, “Yes ma’am, you can have my seat on the bus.”  Or a world where Eleanor Roosevelt advised, “Why do I need to vote, my husband thinks the same as I do.”

We have to break free of the fear that the intolerant have bestowed upon us and just say no. No, I won’t hide any longer. No, I won’t be oppressed any longer. No, I won’t allow you to hurt me anymore.

My dream – that future generations will live free of the fear associated with being LGBT and I’ll continue fighting to realize that dream.  Now, I ask that you dare to dream too.  Release your fear and speak out against bigotry and hate.  Call your local churches, your politicians, your anti-gay aunt and tell them, “We’re here, we’re queer, and we aren’t going to hide in the shadows anymore.”

“Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.” — Cheri Huber

Bill Maher: Your Silly Gods Cost Us Too Much

February 24, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Religion

Not so very long ago, I wrote a blog post where I discussed the history of Christian violence.  Shortly after, I discussed the use of the Bible to justify discrimination against African Americans, women and homosexuals.  Those two post obviously represent my feelings toward the church and its power.  I find it frightening, but not in that “We’ll put the fear of God in you” sort of way; in the “boy you sure got a pretty mouth” sort of way.

As an atheist, it is surprising to me that the first thought that came to my mind after hearing Bill Maher say, “Someday we all do have to confront the notion that our silly gods cost us too much” was: Bill Maher better be glad he’s wearing a rubber suit ‘cuz God going to strike him down with lightening.

It then occurred to me that I may subconsciously be a believer in “God.”  All day today I debated the ramifications of what it will mean now that I realize I do believe in God.  Now, instead of sleeping in on Sunday until 9 a.m. (10 if I’m lucky), I will have to rise early, dress like I’m going to the office, have a nice breakfast so my stomach doesn’t interrupt the guy at the altar, drive 50-ish miles to the nearest city (I’m certainly not ready to go to church in the country) and listen while I’m told what my belief in God will require.

That’s where the fantasy of my thoughts end.  I realized at that very moment that the reason I do not believe in God (now or even when listening to Bill Maher) is because people expect you to do certain things in order to believe in God.  You can’t declare, “I believe in God” and just have people believe you, you must prove you believe in God.

How does one prove they believe in God?  Let’s see:

  • Go to church.
  • Say, “Bless you,” way too often.
  • Tell other people they must believe in God too.
  • Donate money to organizations that make people cry, but not tears of joy.
  • Pray over my meals.
  • Tell other people they must pray with me or their eternal soul will suffer unthinkable ill.
  • Give 10% of my assets to the church.
  • Pray the church will raise enough money from the very person that is giving the church the money.
  • Get married to some-one of the opposite sex whether or not we love each other.
  • Have children.
  • Teach my children to believe in the same God I believe in.
  • Never have an independent thought without thinking its a sin.

So, if you ever wonder what makes a person who was once a believer stop believing, the answer is simple, I can only believe what it is I believe, whether it be in tooth fairies or money trees, gods or a God, it is what I believe.  Perhaps ironically, I “believe” that is exactly the same reason people do believe in God.

Therefore, I disagree with what Bill Maher did, but not what Bill Maher said.  I agree that “gods,” by away of religion, have cost us greatly.  I disagree with him using the term “silly.”  It was disrespectful to a people.  As someone in a group that is often disrespected (homosexuals), I can truly empathize with the way it feels to be disrespected.  The way those that are believers in God felt as those words fell from his mouth is exactly the same feeling I feel every time I hear you condemn me.

Christians Deceived to Believe Satan is God

December 02, 2008 By: jaysays Category: Stupid Things People Say About Gays

This morning I woke up, sat straight up in bed and began hovering in mid-air; my head spun completely around several times just before I projectile vomited pea soup onto the floor in front of me.  The pea soup vomit burned a hole in the floor which opened a gateway to hell – out popped Satan and demanded that henceforth I be his lover.  Other than the burn marks around my lips, the “being Satan’s lover” thing isn’t so terribly bad.  It comes with many perks.  With a little Aloe Vera cream, it’s actually very tolerable.

The inspiration for this issue of Stupid Things People Say About Gays:

God did not make gay people, that is a deception of Satan. Being gay is an oppression of the mind, will and emotions caused by a very strong demonic spirit. When the victim gives in to it’s compelling powers the battle’s almost won. He wins when the victim dies in this sin. Your argument is moot.

Homosexuality is no more a deception of the mind than Christianity.  The euphoria produced by prayer and “the feeling of God” is actually an increase in endorphins, just like the euphoria from sex – be it gay or straight sex.  The difference between the two is tangible, literally.

It is regrettable, that in human history, we have been told that Santa is a fiction, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist, and that there is no such thing as leprechauns or unicorns – yet somewhere in history someone forgot to say, “Oh, and Satan, he’s fake too.  Just like God.”  Take a look at ancient religions as an example, we are now taught Greek Mythology wherein, during the Greek times, they were taught it as religion and absolute truth.

In Richard Dawkins book, “The God Delusion”, Mr. Dawkins tells the story of being the speaker at a convention and when asked by a participant what his feelings toward the [then] recent molestations by Catholic Priests of children, he quipped, “I don’t think it is any worse than raising your children Catholic.”

His story goes on to advise that he later received a letter from a woman who stated: she was raised Catholic; that when she was six years old, two major events happened in her life (1) her best friend, a protestant, passed away, and (2) her priest molested her.  The woman goes on to explain that the church and her relatives claimed that because the best friend was not a Catholic, she would “burn in hell” for all eternity.  She further explains that because of the image of someone she loved deeply burning in hell, she had nightmares and required therapy in her adult life; however, the molestation by the priest required no adult therapy.  She proclaimed that being raised Catholic was worse than having been molested, a shocking revelation considering Mr. Dawkins was making a “joke.”

I don’t relay Mr. Dawkins story as a claim that raising your children with religious belief and principal is “bad” – After all, I was raised with “God” in my life and, although beaten, I remain undestroyed by it.  The story is relayed to caution religious zealots against doing harm by way of their purported beliefs, because, as the Proverb goes, “The road to hell is paved in good intentions.”