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SAPD Admits Murder of Troy Martinez Clattenburg Was a Hate Crime (Finally).

April 14, 2010 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, LGBT News, Uncategorized

Troy Martinez ClattenburgAs previously reported here, Troy Martinez Clattenburg of San Antonio, Texas, was shot in the back of the head.  His murderer, Cody Carmichael, confessed to shooting Troy because Troy allegedly made sexual advances toward Cody.  During the investigation, Detective Cardenas of the San Antonio Police Department continually denied that Troy’s murder was a hate crime and stated that it was not being investigated as such.  In fact, when Troy’s sister, Ginger Hicks, inquired further, Detective Cardenas stated that just because Troy was gay and murdered, doesn’t mean it was a hate crime.

While it is true that a gay person can be murdered without bias or prejudice being the motivator, the murderer’s own confession seems to tell the truth of this situation.  Troy was murdered because he was a gay man.  But Troy was much more than just a homosexual, he was a brother, a friend and a son with a family who loved him enough to speak out about what had happened to Troy and demand answers from the police department.

In a closed meeting yesterday afternoon, Troy’s mother and other members of his family sat with three Deputy Chiefs of the San Antonio Police Department, including Jose Banales, and Dr. J. Lynne Armstrong of the Texas Police Officers Training Corp.  Upon inquiry, the deputy chiefs readily admitted that Troy’s murder was a hate crime, a revelation that came as a shock to his distraught family who had been continually advised otherwise without a reasonable explanation.  In fact, my own inquiries and those of other media persons found similar results.  This change of tone of the San Antonio Police Department came just days before the pre-indictment hearing of Cody Carmichael, who was released from prison 3 days after his confession on $100,000.00 bond.

When is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime? – When SAPD Investigates

March 20, 2010 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes

The San Antonio Police Department has refused to investigate the murder of Troy Martinez Clattenberg as a hate crime in spite of a confession from his murderer, Cody Carmichael, wherein Carmichael stated to police that he shot Clattenburg because the victim made sexual advances toward him.

Troy was murdered on February 21, 2010 in my hometown.  His murderer, was charged this past Monday with bail set at $100,000.00.

Troy’s body was found laying under a poster of the ten commandments in his apartment.

Troy’s murderer, Cody Carmichael, states that the sexual advances came while an unidentified man was with them, providing Cody with the gun.  Cody then left the apartment, took the man home and returned.  Troy had dinner in the microwave, some meat loaf and green beans, when he answered the door.  He didn’t get to eat.  Cody shot him.

As his murderer prepares for the highly successful Gay Panic Defense, let’s talk about what San Antonio’s pro-LGBT Police Chief is doing for the community.

Apologizing, again… and again

This latest slap in the face from the department comes just weeks after an SAPD officer raped a transwoman in the backseat of his patrol car and just months after the SAPD raided the home of a lesbian couple, laid panties and bras on the bed and harassed the two women about their sexual orientation [see links above].

I’ve had my own problems with discrimination from the San Antonio Police Department, including an incident where a group of skinheads threatened to murder me for being a “faggot.”  When the police arrived, they escorted me from the scene and released my assailants.

Isn’t it about time we say, “ENOUGH!?”  Isn’t it about time we GetEQUAL?


Cody Carmichael has been released on bond.

Gay Student Beaten Because Administrators Ignored Pleas for Help

November 19, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, LGBT News

hateeducationI don’t expect a lot from our public school system, particularly in Texas where they teach to the test. However, this takes the cake for irresponsibility.

Jayron Martin, a 16 year old freshman at Langham Creek High School, was told by a friend that a group of kids were going to attack him.  He advised the administration and was told they would call the group into the office, but they didn’t.

Jayron shared a bus with the group threatening him and advised the bus driver of the situation.  When Jayron got off the bus, the group chased him.  In fleeing for his life, Jayron ran into a neighbor’s home, the attackers followed and one of the teens began beating him with a metal pipe.  The beating lasted about 7 minutes.  The neighbor came down stairs with a shotgun and threatened the attacker, but he kept beating Jayron – until the neighbor cocked the gun.

Jayron’s attacker is now being charged within the juvenile court system with charges of aggravated assault.

Jayron’s mother, Lakenya, told KHOU: “I’m disgusted.  I’m sorry, after the fact, doesn’t do it.  The school district let us down.  I mean, let all of us down because it could have been any one’s kid.”  But it wasn’t any one’s kid, it was Lakenya Martin’s son.  She has to fight this battle now – will you fight with her, or wait until it’s your child?

Equality Florida’s Orlando Office Vandalized – Yeah, I’m Pissed

November 17, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

It’s not uncommon for LGBT groups and organizations to suffer at the hands of ignorant, bigoted, hateful people who wish nothing more than… dare I say, fags to die.  If you doubt that these hatemongers teach that to their flock and families, just take a look at the messages scrawled on the walls at Equality Florida’s Orlando Office and the results of the anti-gay movements battle against us becomes clear.  They want us dead.

Go to hell

That’s just one of the photos from Equality Florida’s website.  Other messages were more on point, including the scrawled Swastika, a symbol now associated with the persecution and murders of hundreds of thousands of people during German occupation – and yes, that included us “fags.”  Another message for the queers from our fun loving fellows, “”Die Fags.”

Am I angry?  Yes, but not at the vandals.  I’m angry at every single person that votes against our families, our marriages and our rights.  You have told these people that it is ok to brutalize us, degrade us and promote the murder of us.  By refusing to treat us as equal citizens, you are granting a free-pass to those that would harm us – you have given them a reason and an excuse.  Your lack of humanity and decency is appalling.

Now, here’s what we get to do.  We get to send more money to help Equality Florida clean up the mess and install a security system.  That money could be used to help feed families over the holiday season, give gifts to our loved ones and be thankful. So, when you say your Thanksgiving Day prayers and thank God for your family, I hope you consider my family – the one you keep voting against – a family that continues to have to sacrifice so that you can have your ego trip.  Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

San Antonio Man Murdered for Making Sexual Advances on Another Man

November 14, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, iQreport, LGBT News

gaypanicA San Antonio man was murdered in front of a local bar after he allegedly made a sexual advance toward another man. Enrique Santos, 22,  has confessed to the murder of 50 year old, Jorge Sgetelmeg, stating that a fight broke out after Sgetelmeg purchased some beer for Santos.  According to Santos’ confession and affidavit, Sgetelmeg and he were sharing the beer in his SUV.  Sgetelmeg made a sexual advance at Santos and Santos punched him several times in the face before removing a rock from his pocket and hitting him several more times – then chocking the man with a neck tie.

Sgetelmeg was found dead, but Santos’ driving was no match for his intoxication.  He crashed and was arrested by police fro driving while intoxicated and on a previous traffic warrant.  The connection to the murder was made by the detectives as witnesses had provided a description of Santos’ black SUV.

This happened in my hometown.  It’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last violent, unnecessary crime that occurs simply because someone’s ego was compromised; however, we can only hope that a San Antonio jury will not acquit this admitted murderer as other juries have done when the Gay Panic Defense has been invoked.

The Face of Hatred – A Hate Crime Survivor

September 29, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, LGBT News

Michael was beaten on August 14, 2009, because he is “gay.”  I can’t say it better than Michael:

I thought it was very important that I do this video right away because I need to let people know that even though there is that much hatred in the world, I will continue to do good things for people.

Hate Crimes Go Under Punished and Result in More Crime.

September 15, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Featured, Thought of the Gay

Hate Crime - RacismYou may remember the 2006 convictions of Pete Billiot and Dwayne Adam Racine for the attack of a black offshore worker, but it’s likely you don’t.  The story received some national media coverage, but as is the case with most hate crimes, it wasn’t enough.  We can all grimace when someone murders another person regardless of the motivation, but when the motivation is bias or prejudice because of the persons race, creed, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, it’s particularly painful, particularly to members of that “suspect class.” Lots of thoughts race through the minds of those that could have been attacked and/or murder because of the same violent biases.

There have been many cases wherein those that commit such crimes get nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  In fact, a recent case of murder resulted in a full acquittal of the charge against the admitted murderer simply because he was motivated to kill a queer man after the man “hit on him.”

In the present case of Billiot and Racine; however, there may be some form of justice yet – albeit not for the proper crime.  It was reported yesterday that Billiot and Racine, who received very little jail time for their crime which outraged civil rights leaders, were arrested again.  This time for possession of marijuana with intention of distribution.

The two men were passengers in a car being driven by 17-year old, Samantha Scott.  Officers stopped the vehicle due to an expired inspection sticker, and upon obtaining consent, searched the vehicle and found a “crack pipe” and 52 grams of marijuana.  Samantha then reported to the officers that they were going to try to sell the drugs.  This is where “insert thud noise” would ordinarily be appropriate; however, no one ever said those that keep company with racists, or racists themselves were very “smart.”

Civil rights leaders in Louisiana had been planning a protest against the lenient sentencing of Racine and Billiot for today.

In another breaking case, a suburban New York teenager with a tendency to wear clothing marked with symbols such as swastikas and Ku Klux Klan logos, recently attacked another non-white. His last attack was in April; however, in the more recent attack, apparently motivated by bias/prejudice, a Hispanic man was shot with a BB gun and suffered minor injuries.  The teen was out on bail awaiting trial for the precious hate crime charge.

Race was the motivating factor in over half (51%) of all hate crimes committed in 2007, followed by religion (18%), then sexual orientation/gender identity (17%).  Yet, we are still waiting for Obama to sign Federal Hate Crimes Legislation… when will we learn?

Cannon’s Killer Sentenced to 25 years for Manslaughter

August 18, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, LGBT News

Teish GreenDwight DeLee was the first person to be prosecuted in Onondaga County New York under hate crimes legislation for the murder of Lateisha Green (who is often referred to in the media by her birth name, Moses Cannon).

Lateisha, or Teish as she was known by friends, and her brother, Mark Cannon, had received a call from a friend to come over to talk.  They headed to the Seymour Street address and were still talking with the girl when the gunman walked up to the care and fired.

Mark was in the driver seat and drove away from the scene toward safety.  They were found 13 blocks away.  Mark survived the gunshot wound, but Teish was dead.

Yesterday, DeLee was sentenced to the lessor crime of manslaughter and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The story of Teish’s murder spawned much criticism, including this comment on one of the original stories:

If the police find the alleged shooter and he happens to be black, this can never be prosecuted as a hate crime. Everyone knows that the only people that ever hate are white Caucasian males that believe in God. – crazedmaniac

I can’t help but wonder if the person who wrote the above non-sense (perhaps rhetorically) now sees that, not only was the murderer a black man, but he was also prosecuted under hate crimes legislation.  So much for the theory that hate crimes target white folk.

See: DeLee sentenced to 25 years in prison for hate crime – NewsChannel 9 WSYR.

Terroristic Attack at OutGames Labeled Hate Crime

July 29, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, LGBT News

OUTGAMESThe OutGames, a type of gay olympics, are taking place in Copenhagen.  As is usual when gays gather, the games have been tarnished with protests and acts of hate.  This most recent event marks the second “hate crime” to occur since the games began.  The first involving the brutal beatings of three men participating in the events.  This time, a 31-year old man threw a bomb onto the track and field of one stadium, then, less than an hour later, threw another bomb at a second event.  Police were ultimately able to detain him.  It is believed the sexual orientation of the participants spawned the attack.

Copenhagen, the Danish capital,  is generally believed to be one of the most LGBT friendly places in the world.  These events clearly indicate that LGBT people have a long way to go before they can be safe from such terrorism.

Imagine though, that a man were to start throwing bombs at an Olympic or similar event not geared toward the LGBT community.  Within the hour it took for the man to throw a second bomb, every major news organization would be on scene and a banner would be scrolling on the bottom of every news station screaming “BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist Attack at Olympic Games!” Every talking head in the world would be lining up obscure guest experts to discuss terrorism and event security.  Within days, a book recounting the event would be on a lone shelf at the front of every Borders book store.  But that’s not the case.  In fact, as of the time of this post, only 15 articles appear under a Google news search related to the event – compare that to the more than 3,000 articles published after Sotomayor’s confirmation or 500+ within an hour after a speech about health care by Obama.

I can hear it now from the U.S. opposition of LGBT equality – it’s not a “terrorist” attack, he wasn’t Muslim (their bias, not my own)!!! Before you go there, consider the definition of terrorism:

The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

— terrorism.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. 29 Jul. 2009. <Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/terrorism>.

It’s sad when people only care when it happens to them, isn’t it?

Preliminary Hearings Underway for Larry King’s Murderer.

July 21, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, Hate Crimes, LGBT News

McInerneyBrandon McInerney, the teenager who allegedly murdered Larry King after King declared, “Baby, I love you,” to him, faced a day in the courtroom on charges as an adult for murder and a hate crime.  During the pretrial hearing, Oxnard Police Sergeant Kevin Baysinger, told the court:

Brandon said if he ever wanted to kill anybody, his dad had a bunch of guns and he had the capability.

He went on to say that the investigation also revealed that McInerney told one of Larry’s friends before the murder to:

Tell Larry goodbye because you’re not going to see him again.

McInerney has refused a plea bargain and entered a not guilty plea.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the defense attorneys have invoked a defense remarkably similar to the “Gay Panic Defense” previously discussed, indicating that McInerney shot Larry twice in the head because he was provoked by King’s advances.  But McInerney shouldn’t succeed because he broke the rules.  According to testimony McInerney didn’t “panic,” but committed pre-meditated murder.

Unfortunately, pre-meditated murder doesn’t always lead to a proper and just conviction.  Take Dan White, the man who murdered Mayor George Mascone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, as an example.  Defense attorneys convinced the jury that Dan White took the gun to the municipal building without any intention of shooting the Mayor or Harvey.  He was then convicted of “voluntary manslaughter” and received a 7 year, eight month sentence.

History is posed to repeat itself again in this case.  As in the case against Dan White, the jury will be sympathetic toward the teenager for the murder – after all, he’s young, straight and white.

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