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Out-of-State Applicants Account for Nearly Half of All Iowa Same Sex Marriages

August 31, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Featured, LGBT News, Marriage Equality

IowaFlagYou may remember a short time ago, the U.S. Senate attached Hate Crimes legislation to a tourism promotion bill – prior to moving it over to the defense spending bill.  At that time, I wrote an article asking what sexual orientation/hate crimes and tourism have in common.  Well, now we have our answer.

Let’s face it, Iowa isn’t exactly the tourism capital of the United States.  In fact, it’s likely one of the last places mentioned when you ask someone where they would like to spend their summer vacation.  But now that same-sex marriage is recognized in Iowa, nearly half of all same-sex marriage licenses issued in the state between April and July 2009 have been to people who don’t live there.

Of the 676 same-sex couples [applying for marriage licenses], 312 couples weren’t from Iowa. They were from neighboring states. [via Iowa gay marriage drawing out-of-state couples – Kansas City Star.]

So, to the representatives of the states that want to boost tourism, instead of allowing gambling, building a brothel or launching a multi-million dollar marketing campaign this year, perhaps a little civil equality will do you well.