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Maine No On 1 Campaign: You Can Help From Home – No Credit Card Required

September 22, 2009 By: jaysays Category: Community Outreach, Headline, LGBT Action Alerts

noon1Perhaps the most annoying thing about helping protect marriage equality has been the state by state battles.  The LGBT community at large has human resources available, but many of us can’t just get on a plane and fly to Washington, Maine or California to help our brothers and sisters.

Protect Maine Equality has come up with a wonderful way for all LGBT people in the U.S. – and I suppose even abroad, to help fight against those that oppose full civil equality – virtual phone bank!

It’s only going to take a few hours of your time, it won’t cost you any money and you have a chance to have your voice heard – so get on the phone and help spread the love in Maine.

Supporters of equality are asked to donate 2.5 hours of our time to call voters in Maine on Sunday, September 27.   All that’s required is that you have a phone and a computer with internet – you won’t even have to pay those pesky long distance fees!!!

Sign up now my friends.  Together, we can protect ALL families in Maine.