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eMarriage License Proposal Could Change Geography of Same-Sex Marriage

Adam Candeub and Mae Kuykendall are law professors at Michigan State University in Lansing. The two have been researching an interesting new way for states to issue marriage license. They’ve proposed that states allow people to apply for marriage licenses online, dubbing the proposal “eMarriage.” Candeub told NPR:

“What we’re arguing for is that states should formalize in their laws what they’ve always been doing in smaller degrees in specific areas, which is, allow people outside their states to use their laws.”

December 14, 2009 3

LGBT Lessons for Straight People: Marriage – Get Another Word.

“I don’t care what gay people do, just call it something else.” As if the word marriage is owned by religion. Marriage is a religious word. Really? Then why does it appear on almost every form or document that you fill out? Should we have different sets of forms now? Civil unions, domestic partnerships, marriage. If the point is to have all the same rights, why have different names? I’ll tell you why. So straight people can call attention to gay couples. “No, I’m not married. But I am in a union. A civil union.”

September 7, 2009 4