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The Gay Panic Defense: It Even Works Over Seas

The gay panic defense is catching on over seas. Our friends down under have successfully followed most of the rules and have managed to downgrade charges of murder to “manslaughter” after arguing that the sexual advances of another man warranted defending themselves. Had they followed them to a “T,” an acquittal would have been certain!

As discussed in Queensland Pride, Jason Pearce, 38, and Richard Meerdink, 40, were on hallowed ground last after getting drunk on cask wine. They encountered 45 year old Wayne Ruks who was allegedly also intoxicated.

October 21, 2009 0

2010/2012, The National Equality March & LGBT Priorities.

The National Equality March is scheduled for October 11-12, 2009 in D.C. I’ve avoided writing about the issue of whether or not the equality march is “good” or “bad” for the community because, on September 9th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Central Time, I will be a guest on Sisters Talk Radio discussing that very issue.

However, time is running out to plan for the march. We must act now and unite every LGBT activist, blogger and party of interest in declaring their full support of the National Equality March. We must begin promoting it as if it were the death of a pop icon. But why?

September 2, 2009 10

Cannon’s Killer Sentenced to 25 years for Manslaughter

Dwight DeLee was the first person to be prosecuted in Onondaga County New York under hate crimes legislation for the murder of Lateisha Green (who is often referred to in the media by her birth name, Moses Cannon).

Lateisha, or Teish as she was known by friends, and her brother, Mark Cannon, had received a call from a friend to come over to talk. They headed to the Seymour Street address and were still talking with the girl when the gunman walked up to the care and fired.

August 18, 2009 1

How to Get Away with Murder: A Guide to the Gay Panic Defense

Getting away with murder when investigators are using advanced forensic science such as DNA testing isn’t easy these days, but where there’s a will, there’s a way – as they say. Because murder is not as big of a sin against God as being gay (so it seems), we’ve prepared the following guide which will assist you in carrying out a murder – and getting away with it. The guide was prepared after a careful analysis of several cases wherein the “Gay Panic” defense was used. Those cases will be discussed at the end of this guide.

July 16, 2009 6

White Jury in White Town Finds White Kids Not Guilty of Bias Crime

In spite of the overwhelming evidence against them, an all-white jury found Derrick Donchak, 19, and Brandon Piekarsky, 17, not guilty of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and ethnic intimidation for the death of Luis Ramirez. Details of the crime flooded the news media including this story by CNN [Town struggles with fallout from immigrant’s fatal beating – CNN.com].

Blows had struck the 25-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant with such force that they left a clotted, bruised impression of Jesus Christ on the skin of his chest from the religious medal he wore.

According to eye witnesses and investigative reports, the teens lured Ramirez into a fight using racial epitaphs and led prosecutors to label the murder a “hate crime.”

May 6, 2009 5

Thou Shalt Not Kill – Moses “Teish” Cannon

The small amount of media coverage regarding the murder of Moses “Teish” Cannon has been confusing at best and unremarkable at most. What is known is that Teish, who self-identified as a woman, was murdered in Syracuse, New York on November 16, 2008 after being invited by a family friend to a party. Currently, the only motive reported for the terrible crime is that she was “gay.”

November 18, 2008 3