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LGBT Lessons for Straight People: Ridicule and Oppression is not Tolerance.

The National Organization for Marriage, with its key speakers Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher and Louis J. Marinelli III, are touring the country.

Their rhetoric has changed and I am the first to admit that there must be a genius, albeit it one without morals, on their team. They tried, and succeeded, in taking away marriage from California and Maine by telling lies.

July 29, 2010 4

Fear, Freedom and Shaving your Head

Recently, I stumbled upon an article online which captured my attention. It was a first person account of a heterosexual woman who decided to shave her head. While the account was from the mid-1990’s, it expressed something that rings true even today:

“For the first few weeks after I shaved my head, I walked around very nervously, convinced that people were going to jump out of alleys and beat me up for being a lesbian.

Because I am straight and have a lot of straight friends who I am certain are totally disinterested in hurting my large number of gay friends, I knew that not all straight people hate all gay people. That didn’t matter. I was still nervous.”

In some ways, the post reminded me of the conversation I had with Jane Wishon, a straight alley working hard in California to overturn Proposition 8. But I also noted that the author, Kaitlin (aka Ducky), expressed fear that being perceived to be a lesbian would result in physical harm to her.

January 6, 2010 2

If Maggie Gallagher is Upset, Then So Am I!

Maggie Gallagher of NOM, the National Organization for [Heterosexual Only] Marriage recently said:

“This is not an issue of free speech but of neighborliness. Fundamental decency requires that we treat each other with respect, especially when we disagree deeply on hot moral issues. Sadly, I’ve grown used to the reality that tolerance is now a one-way street for gay marriage advocates. It no longer matters how respectfully and civilly one makes the case for humanity’s marriage tradition.”

You see, Maggie is upset that people think she is a bigot. She is upset that people tell her that what she is doing is gay hate. Maggie just wants to be your neighbor. Because she has been respectfully and civilly making the case for humanity’s marriage tradition.

September 10, 2009 3

Order a NOM Sticker to Support LGBT Equality!

Maggie Gallagher and her National Organization for [Heterosexual Only] Marriage are campaigning to:

“Recruite 2 Million Americans to Stop the Repeal of DOMA.”

The campaign includes an offer of a free heterosexual-only marriage sticker, which seems like a bit of a rip-off of CREDO’s free marriage equality sticker. NOM’s sticker reads:

“Don’t Mess with Marriage!”

Recently, a few folks on twitter have been attempting to get members of the LGBT community to order the stickers – in mass. The theory being that NOM will be delayed in fulfilling the orders, exhaust a significant amount of their advertising budget and many people who support oppressive laws will not get the stickers they believe in.

August 17, 2009 15

NOM Board Member Supports Overthrow of Governments that Support Equality

Famed science fiction author, Orson Scott Card, joined the Board of Directors for the National Organization for [Heterosexual Only] Marriage back in April. That’s no big surprise considering Mr. Card’s history of anti-gay rhetoric; however, the big surprise is that Mr. Card has written words that seem contrary to NOM’s “Main Message.” According to NOM’s website, another aspect of their “Main Message” is thus:

“Gays and Lesbians have a right to live as they choose; they don’t have a right to redefine marriage for the rest of us.”

May 9, 2009 4

NOM Accuses LGBT Activists of Bribing New Hampshire Legislature

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your T.V., the National Organization for [Heterosexual Only] Marriage has released another television ad. The new ad targets New Hampshire Governor Lynch for his change of heart on gay marriage and makes the outlandish suggestion that gay activists bribed the New Hampshire legislature.

Although NOM’s poll numbers continue to decline, they insist on using lies and deception to attempt to convince moderates to come to their side. By their own admission on their website, NOM indicates that whenever they say “ban gay marriage” they “lose about ten percentage points in the polls.”

May 9, 2009 1