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San Antonio, Texas Sees First Transgendered City Council Candidate

Ruby Krebs stepped up to run for City Council of San Antonio’s District 1 seat. Krebs is the first transgendered candidate to run for City Council in San Antonio. Krebs political career started when she was volunteering for the Hillary Clinton campaign and she now serves as Chair for Precint 4001.

March 13, 2009 0

LGBT Advertising Geared Toward Other Minorities?

It seems there is a trend in “pro-gay” advertising that I’m only just starting to notice. It seems every photograph of a happy same-gender couple, particularly regarding families and adoption, features a multi/bi-racial couple and a minority child. I can’t help but wonder if this is intentionally targeting other minority groups based upon race or ethnicity, as if saying, “See, we have minorities within our minority.”

February 5, 2009 0

A Call to Arms

I’m currently working on a story regarding gay and lesbian people in the military. If you are a gay or lesbian person currently serving in the U.S. Military under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (“DADT”) policy, I would love to talk with you.

December 11, 2008 0

Alex Okrent’s Blog: Equality is a Moral Imperative

I suppose some would complain that since the election has heated up, I’ve covered too serious of topics, forgetting my ordinarily laugh at the world self and instead substituting for more serious topics (hence the “seriously”).  Well, this post is no exception… seriously. Some will remember President Elect Obama’s (no I don’t think I’m being…
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November 4, 2008 5

Obama’s Plan for America – Equal Rights and Exclusionism

We all know President George W. Bush has been noted for hi antics while intoxicated, be it on alcohol or other substances, but did you know about Obama’s history with narcotics?

November 3, 2008 0

Biden v Palin – Gay Rights?

Forgive me if I missed something in last nights Vice Presidential debate. Did Joe Biden and Madame Palin really say that they were for equal rights for homosexuals but not for redefining marriage? I fail to see how you can truly have “equal” rights without such “redefining.” The nuances of the words marriage and redefining can be argued, but truly, making statements effectually stating that it’s ok for gay people to enter into contracts to give them the same rights as heterosexual couples entering into marriage is… well… not equal!

October 3, 2008 0