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You’d Be Fat Too

October 22, 2008 By: jaysays Category: Commentary, Thought of the Gay

This is the introduction to my book project, You’d Be Fat Too.  I share the introduction in an effort to gain interest as I prepare to complete the project and publish my first novel.  This is a “Coming of Age” tale about my life, generally.  It is a work in progress just like my life.  Cross posted from our child site at ejOculation.com .

I am a happy person. I’m a happy person because I eat. I eat to remain a happy person; it’s that simple. As a man, stereotypically, vanity would not be an issue. As a homosexual man, vanity defines me – vanity and food that is. Ordinarily, I would avoid a full length mirror, but sometimes curiosity gets the best of me. I remember myself as a young, attractive, slender man with varying body fat of 6 to 10 percent. I enjoy holding onto that memory of me in spite of the truths revealed in the full length mirror. Unlike Alice, I do not see the White Rabbit or the Cheshire Cat when I gaze into the looking glass. I see fat… fat in places I didn’t know could be fat, like my arm pit… how did I get fat there? One stumble in front of the full length mirror led me to the discovery that I do still have a penis, in spite of having not seen it in a very long time… not by looking down at it anyway. It’s certain that my penis has not gotten fat along with me. If only one could gain weight in their penis first, instead of their gut, then every man would be fat and every woman would be force feeding him.  (more…)